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Why the Erickson Online Academy for Coach Training?

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 19/05/2020

Did you know that Erickson Coaching International revolutionized the delivery of online coach training in North America and globally? Our Online Academy for coach training is built on the world's most advanced LMS (Learning Management System), which offers cutting-edge features like gamification, real-time peer engagement, and unlimited access to all your learning resources. Combining cutting-edge technology with our world-renowned ICF-certified coach training curriculum, Erickson puts you ahead as a future coach.

Why should you choose the Erickson Online Academy for your coach training journey? 

Fun, Interactive Learning!

Gamification is a core feature of Erickson’s online coach training. Our Online Academy is infused with games, quests, and rewards to keep students engaged in the learning experience. Learning is better when it’s social! That’s why the Online Academy has social functionality like Live Chat, Insights Groups, and Experts.


Erickson's online programs are designed taking many unique learning styles into consideration. A variety of resources, such as videos, presentations, and other learning materials are available for review before class to ensure that online class time is focused on relevant discussions rather than lectures. Our facilitators are online learning experts who support an active, engaging virtual learning environment while guiding you through the course content.

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Dynamic & Engaging

Using leading best practices in adult online learning, the Erickson Online Academy connects learners directly with master coaching facilitators. Learners will enjoy participating in interactive coaching exercises in groups with fellow learners from across the globe. Practice makes perfect! That's why 60% of the content in The Art & Science of Coaching program is hands-on learning and practicing to help our students retain the maximum amount of information! Learners begin using coaching skills right away, building confidence and mastery. 

Easy Navigation

One of our top priorities is to exceed our learner's expectations for high quality, easy to use, online learning. The Erickson Online Academy is the main resource center of your online coach training journey and it has been carefully designed to ensure you can easily find all of the materials you need. The interface is cleaner, easier to navigate and more suitable for our busy students. This is truly an adult online learning platform that provides a flexible and effortless experience, even for those students that have never learned online before. 

Erickson’s Online Academy provides leading best practice, adult learning methodologies to give students increased flexibility and engagement with their online learning. Our online training is not like other distance learning programs, we have designed our program to be live, interactive and most importantly, fun!