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Our People


Vitaliy Khudyakov


PCC_WEBVitaliy Khudyakov is the founder of Eriсkson Kharkov. Vitaliy started his career from scratch – after 17 years of self-employment, he has risen to the level of a successful businessman, the owner of his own companies, a popular speaker and a certified trainer with international certification. While doing this work, Vitaliy has managed to maintain his core human values as a priority and has been constantly following these high moral principles in his coaching and business practices.

Education and professional achievements:


  • Coach, facilitator at Erickson Coaching International  
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation

Neuro-linguistic programming:

  • NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer (ITA of John Grinder)

Emotional Intelligence, Coaching:

  • The Emotional Intelligence Development Tutor (European Association Of Cultural And Emotional Intelligent Projects, EACEIP),
  • Associate Professor of Yale University 

Business and Career:

  • Certified Teacher of the Institute of Adizes 0.2 - Adizes Institute (USA) 
  • The Open University, MBA
  • Business Coach Otumka (Moscow)
  • Certified specialist in the "Efficiency" system
  • Certified business coach of the Ukrainian Academy of Trainings
  • Owner of a group of successful companies ADS


  • The author and developer of personal training programs
  • Master classes to upgrade the trainers level qualification
  • Training and field seminars
  • Consulting, business services

Vitaliy's constant self-practice allows him to always remain "on the wave" of fast-changing conditions and provide working techniques and knowledge relevant to today’s world.

Personal qualities:

  • Ambition
  • Leadership
  • Purpose
  • Belief in yourself and your actions
  • Perseverance
  • Ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve goals.

Pyramid of values:

  • The family is the main source of inspiration and support
  • Business - as the main benchmark in achieving success and practical skill
  • Training - as the highest Mission and the opportunity to realize his own potential for the fulfilment of his mission

"Believe in yourself! See your dream, take an action!"- this motivating message that has been successfully implemented into Vitaliy’s core being. He skillfully transfers it to his audience, lightening up the light of Mindfulness, confidence and an irresistible desire to act in the hearts of listeners.