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Using Mindfulness in Your Coaching Practice

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 12/05/2020

As Erickson Coaching International celebrates 40 years of pioneering coach training, our Founder and President, Marilyn Atkinson, has created a series of videos sharing her personal stories from over the last four decades.

In this video, Marilyn shares a story from her days as a young psychologist where she met with a man in hospital about to undergo a serious operation, and how a mindfulness exercise assisted him to find his inner courage in a time of severe stress. 

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means directing attention inward to notice the mind itself. We move from the content of our thoughts to overviewing the process of thinking and tie this to the context or purpose of our self-exploration. Our body, heart and mind form one seamless whole. Yet we often allow the mind free reign over the others. The process of observing the mind allows us to truly gain wisdom about ourself and to regain our awareness of our own wholeness.

With Mindfulness Practice, you learn to move: 

  • From outer to inner
  • From secondhand experience to firsthand experience
  • From action and reaction to simply being present

Discover how mindfulness and other Solution-Focused coaching skills enable you to create transformational change in yourself and others. 

Mindfulness is a core part of the coaching process. it means that we are really able to focus in and at the same time expand our awareness, we are listening with all the necessary levels of awareness and staying with our client, not being distracted by any thoughts that come up through the tone of voice or the words they use, we are just present. It is a wonderful way to develop all of your abilities as a human and your inner skills as a coach. As coaches, we call this mindful listening ‘Coach Position listening’ since it includes both clear attention and the commitment to value for the speaker without ‘breaking in,’ giving advice, or focusing on our own commentary.

Coaching shifts people’s capacity for visionary consciousness, and awareness and mindfulness deepens with every coaching conversation. Your simple presence as a committed, mindful listener has the power to change a lot of things. Through your own magnetic engagement, your approach shifts others around you into movement. We see our open road of development and growth stretch before us. As coaches, we invite our clients to find their own moments of courage and care, and the moments where they know they are strong and able to face difficult times. 

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