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Standing in Contribution: A Trainer's Training

Standing in Contribution: A Trainer's Training

Coach Trainers Training Course

Step Into You Being an Inspiring Trainer and Speaker

Offered as a 8-day course on-site

This course gives you an opportunity to design, organize and model your own workshop or training program using an approach that promotes and encourages an engaging format and delivery style. Standing in Contribution; A Trainer’s Training is a hands-on course with a specific focus on the interaction between trainers and their audience, as well as the dynamics or flow of a workshop or program. The course focuses first and foremost on the ‘Psychology of Empowerment’. The aim is to train facilitators, speakers and trainers to be inspirational and motivational.

You will explore how to create trust in your speaking and facilitation abilities. This includes learning how to align with others in such a way that people recognize and respond to the core of learning and how it is relevant to them. It will also allow you to practice simple techniques to eliminate the ‘fear’ conversations and controversies that might stop effective and confident presentation.

"I took Standing in Contribution: A Trainer's Training and it transformed my relationship with public speaking! I completed this program with renewed confidence and excitement for building my speaking career. Trainer's Training is one of the best professional investments I have made. I cannot wait to take the advanced program. I feel this training is mandatory for anyone who is serious about building a successful speaking career."– Teresia L.

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Who is this program for?

This course is for aspiring leaders running meetings, delivering presentations and keynotes. People/coaches that wish to become facilitators, trainers and/or mentors hosting workshops, courses and training programs.


Please bring your ideas for a potential workshop or program, as you will be designing, organizing and working on it during the course. It is useful to be familiar with some key concepts of Solution-Focused coaching. 

Continuing Coaching Education Accreditation

This course is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 56 hours of Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) units (5 Core Competencies, 51 Resource Development).

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Benefits of Standing in Contribution: A Trainer’s Training for Coaches:

  • Move to the next level in your coaching business by offering courses, workshops and seminars
  • Learn how to step into a state of flow and contribution that extends from one-on-one coaching to creative design and presentation for a group
  • Create a framework that allows you to develop your own courses and express your unique talents and niche
  • Develop facilitation skills to promote your work and services as a coach
  • Know how to structure a presentation and/or workshop based on your own content
  • Learn a multi-layered approach to being Solution-Focused in the context of facilitating and working with groups
  • Discover how to build trust with a group and handle objections effectively and creatively
  • Apply the Ericksonian Principles and an interactive learner-centered teaching approach when working with groups

Benefits of Standing in Contribution: A Trainer’s Training for skills development:

  • Establish rapport and a sense of ease with the audience
  • Apply verbal language techniques that captivate both the conscious and unconscious minds of the participants
  • Design learning outcomes that aim towards an accumulated learning breakthrough
  • Design an effective opening that entices participants to learn and engage
  • Apply a unique technique to summarize and transition into new topics
  • Use appropriate humor and jokes to support the intended learning outcomes
  • Create exercises, learning activities and assignments that are motivating, easy to understand and that are supporting to achieve the desired learning outcomes
  • Design questions that can be asked to engage the audience and start useful contributive discussions
  • Apply methods that assist in answering learners’ questions and/or objections effectively
  • Design workshop or program lesson plans that support and encourage declarations and self-acknowledgement of developing proficiencies
  • Create and conduct useful demonstrations
  • Set up unique ‘break states’ and energizers to shift the learner's state and renew learning engagement
  • Use voice tone to enhance storytelling and maintain interest
  • Create examples, metaphors and stories that support the learning outcomes
  • Design an appropriate and memorable ending to the workshop or program

Program Curriculum

The program curriculum is divided into 12 topics:

  • Setting the Scene: Learn skills on how to keep interest, capture your audience, recognize dimensions of rapport and create effective engagement.
  • Key Aspects of Empowerment: Discover well-designed strategies for preparation, rehearsal, set up and presentation.  
  • Memory Strategies: Gain distinctions in sequencing, grouping and ordering ideas and content. Focus on and apply whole system thinking.
  • Linking Conversations: Establish the value of systemic thinking, visuals and applying diagrams.
  • Creating Practical Demonstrations: Discover the key elements of effective demonstrations and exercises and how to give helpful feedback.
  • Use of Language: Recognize the keys to transformative conversations, words and learning about the language of action. 
  • Awareness and Perception: Learn about the flexibility of perceptual positions and how to develop ‘observer position’ as a trainer. 
  • Developing Effective Metaphors: Explore and utilize transformational and embedded metaphors and inspirational storytelling in your facilitation. 
  • Strategies for Creating Examples: Discover some of the core NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) training formats and gain benefit from accelerated learning methods. 
  • The Structure of Objections: Explore how to handle objections in group settings, effectively working with agendas and/or questioning. Enhance your ability to observe physiological changes in a group setting. 
  • Working With Beliefs: Elicit and foster helpful views and beliefs for the learning environment. Learn to move beyond ‘content presentations’ into the larger form of the workshop.  
  • Exploring the Group Field: Recognize how to bridge into the larger intention of the group and learn to tune into the ‘mind potential’ of the group. Discover the possibility of working with the framework of a joint knowledge of an audience.

The Advanced Trainer's Training

This is an integral course for developing as a Coach Trainer. It focuses on moving away from being a linear, content-focused trainer, to  being one who powerfully advances the skills of all participants and assists them toward transformational change. What creates this difference?

Paradigm Shift: This program focuses on participant renewal and development through impactful exercises. Many trainers tend to be linear. That is, they tend to keep delivering information in the same way over and over. The Advanced Trainer’s Training moves beyond just delivering information, to creating an impact. How you engage the people you are training so that they say, “This is important to me.”.

Point of View Shift: This is a key skill set that many great trainers and great comedians know how to do. It has huge mind shift potential and allows participants to engage in ways that no longer seem difficult for them. This is what gets people to take risks during exercises and with their own dreams.

Learning by Doing: We all know this is important, however many trainers do not embody active learning. This is an action oriented practice program.

Advanced: This is where transformation truly starts. You, as the trainer, will learn to stretch your own values and vision to move your audience to greater self-awareness.

This course is all advanced, with previously unseen materials, exercises, games and activities. Plan for extreme fun offered from the outset. Surprises are available through each day.

The course is only offered to practiced trainers. It is available to all people who have graduated from the Erickson Coaching International Trainer’s Training Program.


“It is amazing the transformation and progress I was able to make. I truly recommend this awesome training to anyone who wants to be a great trainer.”

Lydia Sirotova, Professional Coach, Bratislava, Slovakia

“We, by nature, are all ‘standing in contribution’, but in order to get a natural inspiration, one needs to join.  This is such a great program for every person who wants to consider himself or herself as a trainer.  To find the true teacher within you who leads to mastery, just be present in this course.”

Zerrin Baser, M.D., ICF PCC

Upcoming Dates

No classes currently available.