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Our People


Svetlana Popova


Svetlana Popova has been an integral part of the Erickson team since 2004 when she helped to organize Marilyn Atkinson’s first training of The Art & Science of Coaching in St. Petersburg, Russia. Svetlana now teaches The Art & Science of Coaching in Russia, Latvia and the Ukraine, and as a Senior Trainer she trains new Erickson trainers. She has been a mentor coach since 2010, training Module V both on-site and online.  


Svetlana began working in the field of course development and facilitation in 1994. Specializing in the areas of pedagogics and psychology, Svetlana created a number of programs for children, teens, parents and families. After teaching a series of customized Time Management and Business Programs, she began her coaching career as a life coach then family coach. Svetlana’s coaching practice has evolved to include team and business coaching working with management professionals and teams in the corporate world. On the personal side, Svetlana is a loving wife and mother of two children who enjoys yoga and trekking in the great outdoors. Climbing Mont Blanc is at the top of her done list and she is thinking about her next high altitude challenge. Svetlana balances a rich personal life with her career as a successful entrepreneur, trainer and coach.

Professional Qualifications:
  • Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC)
  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Standing in Contribution: A Trainers Training
  • Advanced Trainer’s Training
  • Erickson Specialized Programs: Light of the Enneagram, Expanding Emotional Intelligence (Freedom to Love), High Performance Team Coaching, Family Coaching Modules 1 & 2, Advance of the Spirit, Creating Transformational Metaphors (Dreamwork and Advanced Metaphors), 4-Quadrant Quantum Thinking