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Success Stories

Success Stories

Danielle K.
Operational Director

I work as an operational leader in a large, nationally ranked children’s hospital and offer leadership coaching inside and outside of my organization. I also have been teaching leaders to use coaching in their leadership roles since January 2013.

After returning from the Erickson Summer Intensive, my perspective on coaching as a leader shifted. Although I already understood what coaching was, how to do it, when to use it, as a leader, the Erickson training helped me understand the importance of value-based decision making and the multitude of applications for white-board coaching. As an operational director, I facilitate meetings differently, approach 1:1’s with my direct reports a bit differently, and engage groups around possibilities thinking vs. problem-focused thinking. The transformation of language is noticeable in my vocabulary. I also hold extra space for visioning at the onset of any change work, before we ever bring in options for planning. Leading from a crystal clear desired outcome is habit now.

The most measurable accomplishment after the Erickson training, was improving my coaching skills well enough to modify our internal leader-coach training process, alongside our organizational effectiveness team. We were able to design an internal leader-coach training that capitalized on our organization’s cultural strengths and incorporated a very simple conversation model that included values, where most corporate-based coaching products do not venture far into values.

I’m forever grateful for the Erickson learning community, and I look forward to my next opportunity to be learning with Erickson again.