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Success Stories

Real Reviews and Testimonials From Erickson Graduates

The Art & Science of Coaching

"I began Module I in August 2016 and will finish Module IV by January 31. I've learned so much about myself and have changed as a person. To be a good coach you... Read More
"Module I and II were amazing. Having closer knowledge about Erickson coaching and principles had a positive impact and boosted my own growth, as a professional and... Read More
"This course has changed my life. I feel complete and excited about all of the possibilities I see in front of me. I can’t wait to expand myself even more through... Read More

The Art & Science of Coaching for Organizations

"I work as an operational leader in a large, nationally ranked children’s hospital and offer leadership coaching inside and outside of my organization. I also have... Read More

NLP Practitioner Program

"This course gave me powerful tools to enhance the quality of my 
life and those I am in contact with. "
"This has been the most beneficial course I have ever taken. "

NLP Master Practitioner Program

"Excellent course. I will live this moment on with a zest for life. 
It has allowed me to see things in a totally different perspective. "
"I personally grew taller and richer thanks to the course (figuratively and spiritually)! "
"Excellent, excellent course! It has provided me with a whole new way of living. "

Experience Coaching Free Webinar

"I thought a 4 hour webinar would be difficult, but it flew by! I was so surprised at how connected I felt to the other participants in such a short time. It gave... Read More