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Success Stories

Real Reviews and Testimonials From Erickson Graduates

The Art & Science of Coaching

"After years in international business consulting followed by a career as an MBA prof, it was nice to be able to get my ICF certification from a company that had a... Read More
"The 5 Solution-Focused principles are more complete than some other coaching schools that stop with the statement that clients are creative, resourceful, and whole... Read More
"I found everything we learned to be very useful and relevant to my objectives of helping people and becoming a coach. "

The Art & Science of Coaching for Organizations

"After spending countless hours researching and reviewing coach training, I had come across Erickson and their "The Art & Science of Coaching" program. I was... Read More
"Erickson’s ICF coach training gave me a powerful new way to listen and engage with clients that gives incredible access to results. Combined with the Passion into... Read More
"After spending many years in leadership and management roles, I commenced the Erickson training back in May last year. The intent was to use the new skills to... Read More

NLP Practitioner Program

"Exceptionally executed and delivered by genius trainers. They made it fun, compelling, fluid and flawless. They have inspired me to step into greatness. "
"I loved the course and trainers. The material was presented in a logical way. The experiential learning methods accelerated my integration. "
"Excellent, excellent course. 
It has provided me with a whole new way of living. "

NLP Master Practitioner Program

"I enjoyed the way this course was presented, there were lots of exercises in a very lively manner. "
"It was very important for me to do the coaching games. It gave me great insight and encouraged me to be more confident. "
"One of the most satisfying experiences I have ever had. 
I have never felt as charged as I do now, thank you. "

Erickson Business Center

"Your course, the "Passion Into Profit" program, continues to awaken a very beautiful place within me, one that has been there all along but kept hidden by... Read More
"Participating in the "Passion Into Profit" program changed the way I look at business. I went from, "I don't think I have what it takes to be a successful... Read More
"I have just finished the Passion into Profit six months program with Teresia and I wouldn’t be where I am today. Her step by step strategies worked fantastic for... Read More

Erickson Online Academy

"I love the program because it is very engaging and supportive. Online helps me to develop myself without sacrificing my time, so I am able to progress fast. "
"My expectations have been exceeded – it’s been a lot of fun! I feel lucky to be part of a learning format that is deeply personal and interactive. "
"I never felt as if I was just sitting on the other end of the line listening to someone talk for hours on end. Despite the online nature of the class (and the... Read More

Experience Coaching Free Webinar

"It was a great experience! The hosts were amazing facilitators who stayed around an extra 30 mins and answered questions. They were caring and in no rush to push... Read More
"Experience Coaching was enjoyable and informative. The speakers were great! Even in the four hours of class bonds were developed with participants that some may... Read More
"A big THANK YOU for the Experience Coaching event, which was insightful, interactive and fun, as promised, and which you facilitated superbly. I came away thinking... Read More

Coaching Competencies for Leaders Program

"I would recommend that all leaders that need or wish to take a coach approach – across any organization – should take the Coaching Competencies for Leaders course... Read More
"Coaching Competencies for Leaders is a fabulous course that gives a basic overview of coaching techniques while honing in on the specifics from a leadership... Read More
"We are a small team of employees tasked with influencing a large group of volunteers. The very nature of the relationship means we needed more effective... Read More

High Performance Team Coaching

"Training complete! Another great coaching course by Erickson Coaching International. What an opportunity this was to work with Marilyn Atkinson as the instructor.... Read More