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Solution-Focused Tips for COVID Lockdown

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 04/12/2020

With the second wave of COVID-19, people across the globe are being asked to socially distance themselves from others and many places are now under mandatory lockdown to prevent the further spread of the virus. In these unique and unusual circumstances, how can individuals maintain a Solution-Focused attitude and positive outlook? Erickson's global faculty and partners have reached out to share their tips and personal methods for coping in these unprecedented times.    

Carmel Lee Paul, MAS, MSc, PCC
Erickson Facilitator

We are now in the second strong COVID wave here in Austria, recently had a terror attack in Vienna and there is the dull and foggy November weather. Staying in a positive mood so we don’t fall into the fear and hate attitude is highly important!

These are a few of the things I do for myself that I want to pass on to others:

  1. Mindfulness practice – a meditation of light and love by thinking of three things I am grateful for.  Best in the morning, but also in the evenings.

    I also did 8 weeks of mindfulness sessions. It was 1.5 hours per week for free and had a group of approximately 10 people from different continents which helped me to train my basic mindfulness muscles (as Marilyn calls it – focusing and expanding)

  2. Get moving – best in nature and, if not possible, indoors.

  3. Speaking to family and friends on the phone or via WhatsApp or via Zoom.

    I have the great advantage of a wonderful husband, thus being locked up with him is definitely an advantage. We cook together, we work side by side (he is a neurologist and offers telemedicine, I coach online). We read, watch good movies, pamper our plants (we have 2 terraces), so we have a good time! I also have this wonderful Erickson community with friends all over the world and a lot of exchange.

  4. Cleaning up, getting rid of things not needed, tidying up.

    I have improved my home office equipment, have a desk I can move up and down, so I work standing some of the time with swingy music to dance to. I have a second screen and I have 2 cameras – so online working now is much better than in the spring.

  5. I am doing my ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) process with a great mentor.

Nadezhda Mihaylova, PCC
Erickson Facilitator & Partner

Jan Georg Kristiansen, MSc, MCC
Erickson Facilitator & Partner

I try to stay focused on my strong vision, I believe I will be of help to the planet. I also ensure I have a reasonably strong coach at all times – on a low budget using ICF Peer Reciprocal Peer coaching is the best ICF membership benefit there is!

What are you doing to alleviate additional levels of stress?  

  • Doing my early morning gymnastics every day.
  • Staying playful.
  • Mobilize my ‘Samurai’ energy when I need to focus on major goals.

How are you staying hopeful and present? 

  • Focusing on my vision and focusing as much as I can on sales/phoning prospects since I need to believe income will continue coming in, as costs are almost the same.

What are some ways you are supporting your clients to do this? 

  • Reminding clients how important it is to prepare now for strengthening yourself, in times before the employees start getting even more restless and dissatisfied ‘shooting’ at the leadership level. As pointed out with the metaphor during flight take-off safety reminder “Parents travelling with small children, remember to take on your own oxygen mask before supporting your child with their mask”.
  • Doing the best client Solution-Focused coaching I can!

Share your tips for supporting physical and mental health during trying times in the comments below!

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