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Our People


Peter Stefanyi

Ph.D., PCC

Peter Stefanyi has been part of Erickson Coaching International since 2008 and is a business partner for Erickson Coaching in Slovakia. Peter trains the course Four Quadrant Quantum Thinking worldwide. Four Quadrant Thinking was originally a course in complex thinking and mind self exploration developed by Marilyn Atkinson. Peter has strengthened the scientific foundations of the course and highlighted the paradoxes of Quantum physics present in the mind. Four Quadrant Quantum Thinking is now a course offering unity of associated experiential process and dissociated quantum science to the participants. A course in personal, scientific revolution.

Peter is fascinated by observing the mind exploring itself and reflecting on the universe in all its complexity and unity. He runs a successful executive search and personnel services agency with over 175 employees. Peter spent 17 years on board level corporate and entrepreneurial positions. His specialty has been unbiased, reality-based decision making, and change management. Peter spent 12 years doing basic research in physics studying quantum phenomena at very low temperatures at Universities in Europe.

Professional Qualifications

  • Slovak Coach Association - SAKO - Board member
  • Slovak Coach Association - SAKO - Chairman of Certification committee
  • ICF Slovak Chapter Board member
  • Numerous courses and techniques of self-development
  • Post Graduate in Management
  • Ph.D. in  Physics