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Online Coach Training - Erickson Academy

Online Coach Training - Erickson Academy

Do you want to build a coaching business that can (more than) replace your 9 - 5 income, let you take back control of your time and schedule, and FINALLY allow you to GET PAID to do what you’re truly passionate about?

Our unique online training program for coaches helps you achieve all this - even if you can only invest a few hours a week!

Do you want to build a coaching business that provides you with financial freedom and the ability to create the life you desire? A business that gives you the flexibility to schedule a massage, go see a movie with friends or family, or even take a whole day off, right in the middle of the week? A business that makes you feel consistently fulfilled and on-purpose, because you’re actually helping your clients transform their lives and achieve their goals?

What have YOU struggled with most trying to build this kind of coaching business?

Most coaches face two major hurdles building their coaching business:

  1. Not enough time to work on building it
  2. Slow progress and results, which becomes demotivating

After hearing this from many of our students, we spent years building, testing and refining a unique training program that addresses both of these hurdles, and has already helped thousands of coaches build the businesses they’ve always wanted.

Erickson Online Academy for Coach Training - our cutting-edge coach training platform - can help you turn your desire of becoming a successful coach into realityThe Art & Science of Coaching program taught online via our Online Academy and on-site worldwide, is both ICF-certified and a PTIB-registered program, which signifies the gold standard of Erickson's training.

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What’s DIFFERENT about Erickson Online Academy?

Erickson Online Academy was specifically designed to achieve three things for you:

  1. Help you build the coaching business of your dreams
  2. Achieve this even if you can only invest a few hours each week
  3. Make sure you keep moving forward and taking action

How does Erickson Online Academy achieve all of that?

  1. Game-Based Learning. We are the only online coaching training program that uses a game-based training delivery that harnesses the brain’s natural inclination to achieve, complete tasks, and have fun, all of which significantly increase engagement in learning in the long-term.
  2. Accountability. Erickson Online Academy holds you accountable in a gentle and balanced way, realizing that you may already have a busy schedule you’re adding this to.
  3. Inspiration. You’ll be part of a community of like-minded, passionate coaches and students who will inspire and excite you because they are committed to making a real difference in people’s lives.
  4. Cutting-Edge, Proven Training. Erickson Online Academy offers a structured learning process that provides the most cutting-edge coaching training available in the world, and has been tested and proven to work over many years, in the form of videos, reading, live coaching demonstrations, assignments, class schedules, and much more.
  5. Invaluable Feedback From Facilitators & Peers. You will be attending live classes where you get to interact directly with expert facilitators and other students, so you get to ask questions, and get specific feedback on your technique and skills as a coach.
  6. Available 24/7/365. Erickson Online Academy is ALWAYS available to you, so you can work on your learning anytime you want, and anywhere you want.
  7. And lots more... Watch this short video (1 min, 40 secs) to learn more about Erickson Online Academy, and see if online training is for you...

Get a FREE sample of Erickson Online Academy...

Let us send you 5 free video coaching demonstrations. These will give you a great test-drive of the content that’s included in Erickson Online Academy. Even if you decide not to join the Academy, you’ll get a TON of value out of just these free coaching demos…

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’re going to learn in your 5 Free Coaching Demos:

  • In the second video, you're going to learn a powerful concept you can share with your clients that will help them see that they aren't as "stuck" as they think they are.
  • What the REAL job of a coach is - this answer may surprise you… (You’ll get the answer in the first 27 seconds of the first video coaching demonstration we send you!)
  • You’re going to learn the one key insight that has made coaching SO MUCH EASIER for almost every one of the thousands of coaches we’ve trained over many years. When you hear what this one thing is, you will feel a giant load of pressure and unnecessary responsibility you’ve been holding as a coach simply fall away, off of your shoulders. You’ll immediately see clearly how to help more of your clients with much less effort and straining on your part... and because you’ve gotten “your stuff” out of the way of the process, your clients will start experiencing significant changes in less time than you’d believe!
  • Want to see what stops your clients from making changes in their lives? In the very first video coaching demonstration we send you (which you’ll get immediately after signing up) we explain, in detail, “Beckhard’s Formula For Change,” which shows you exactly what causes people to resist making changes and taking action in their lives. Here is the formula: D x V x FS > R. (Sign up and watch this first video to get all the detailed explanation so you can start using this powerful formula right away with your clients!) Here’s what a few people said after watching just this video:
  • Use this one word with your new clients and you'll see them lower their defenses, within just minutes of walking in the door. This one word will establish a strong rapport with new clients, so you can help them make faster and deeper changes.
  • 3 different ways to get your clients to see clearly and deeply exactly what’s been stopping them in the past
  • How to help your clients get “The Face.” The Face is that unmistakable look you see on your client’s face when you and they KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that they’ve had a breakthrough or big insight.
  • Check out these two comments from Gina and Matthew - they wrote these after viewing the second video coaching demonstration
  • And lots more...