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Erickson Online Coach Training Academy

Erickson Online Coach Training Academy

See How Erickson Revolutionized Online Coach Training

Do you want to become a coach and are wondering how to fit coach training in your busy schedule?

Erickson's true online virtual training via Online Academy for Coach Training offers the perfect solution! We are proud to say that Erickson is the only coach training institution that offers cutting-edge and fully interactive online coach training in the industry! Learn how you can start your training with Erickson and become a certified coach while maintaining your current time commitments:

We are proud to be the pioneer for the world’s real-time interactive online learning platform, which uses the latest in gamification technology in coach training delivery. The Art & Science of Coaching program taught online via our Online Academy for Coach Training and on-site worldwide is an ICF-certified program, which signifies the gold standard of Erickson's training.

When we launched our Online Academy in early 2015, we aimed to utilize the best in user-friendly technology, great design and learning processes to make our coach training program even more accessible to students all over the globe. At the same time, we aimed to make our highly acclaimed The Art & Science Of Coaching even more engaging, and ultimately more effective. The Academy LMS platform that we use has been named the #1 Gamified Social Learning Management System in the world! Unlike other online learning platforms that simply deliver content, this learning platform is an engagement engine, packed full of exciting gamification, social learning and personalisation features as well as powerful reporting and admin tools.

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What does it mean for our coaching students?

Erickson’s Online Academy pioneers leading adult learning methodologies to give you increased flexibility and engagement during online learning. Enjoy our coaching community-driven, user-friendly and highly interactive online training with the world-renowned training content and LIVE practical exercises of the Art & Science Of Coaching program.

Learner-centered training environment is the core of our platform and the Online Academy is infused with games, quests and rewards to keep you engaged and focused on the learning experience. A variety of resources, such as master coaching videos, presentations, and other learning materials are reviewed before each class to ensure that online class time is focused on relevant discussions rather than lectures.


Our community-based and engaging adult online learning platform provides an easy and effortless experience, even for students who have never taken online education before.

Enjoy this welcoming video from Marilyn Atkinson, Erickson’s Founder and Master Coach, as she introduces some of the exciting features of the Online Academy for Coach Training:


Feedback From Online Academy Students

“I love the program because it is very engaging and supportive. Online helps me to develop myself without sacrificing my time, so I am able to progress fast.”

– Jenny Juric, Erickson graduate and coach

“My expectations have been exceeded – it’s been a lot of fun! I feel lucky to be part of a learning format that is deeply personal and interactive.”

 – Chuck Genuardi, Erickson graduate

“I never felt as if I was just sitting on the other end of the line listening to someone talk for hours on end. Despite the online nature of the class (and the possibility for multiple distractions at home) I remained deeply engaged in our lessons and the engagement and interaction definitely led to a close bond and high level of trust not only with our instructor, but with each other. Due to the personal nature of coaching and possible topics during a practice session I find this level of trust and comfort with the other students most valuable.”

– Erickson graduate