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Our People


Olga Fetisova (Batum)


MCC_Web More than 2,300 hours of individual coaching and team coaching naturally lead Olga Batoom to her professional domain in destiny coaching. Finding oneself in the modern world is, in her opinion, the most important ingredient in adapting to the constantly changing conditions of life.

In her coaching career, Olga focuses on her clients' uniqueness, dreams, and missions. Having started in 2005 as a business task coach, leadership coach, family coach and an easy upturn coach, she approached the deeper understanding of her domain as a mission coach. It revealed the possibilities of supporting people in their main life objectives, namely the generalized view of her own life, creative thinking and joy of being. Since 2006 Olga Batoom has also acted as the official Erickson Coaching International representative in Crimea.

Olga Batoom has a wealth of experience, with about 12,000 personal effectiveness graduates, 3 higher education qualifications, countless professional and personal contacts with people of all professions, ages, gender, and religious beliefs. Her experience spans nine cities in two countries and the journey of having raised three children. These are the reasons she proclaims her life to be exciting and cognitively adventurous. She is passionate about supporting her students and clients, friends and acquaintances in their life transitions with joy and care.

Her training experience goes beyond the limits of teaching programs, including in-depth study of business relations, leadership and social life, so that every person on our planet would be imbued with understanding our responsibility to the environment and happiness of our neighbors. In everyday life Olga appreciates harmony and humor.

Professional Qualifications:

  • ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Areas of Specialization:

  • Business Training
  • Life Coaching
  • Management Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • A Leading Trainer EI (conducting four modules, management coaching, team coaching)