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The Neuroscience of Resilience Micro Course

The Neuroscience of Resilience Micro Course

Discover key coaching ‘tipping points’ of neuroscience linked to effective self-promise, capability, action, and leadership.

Together, neuroscience and Solution-Focused coaching produce an amazing team! In this micro course, we will use this perspective to give you a big picture overview of your own brain as a 'wellness factory'.

Explore a Solution-Focused overview of the anatomy of resilience and some structures to assist you with the most difficult areas. With neuroscience-based Solution-Focused coaching, you will learn to coach people beyond many kinds of sidetracks and sinkholes.

Join Erickson Founder, Marilyn Atkinson, to discover how Solution-Focused coaching can truly benefit you and others in developing resilience and capacity to operate from your full potential. 

Here’s what we’ll focus on during the micro course:

  • Explore the powerful connections between the field of Solution-Focused coaching and fundamental neuroscience discoveries.
  • Leverage neuroscience and apply this knowledge into the development of many types of coaching and self-coaching tools.
  • Learn how neuroscience can be applied to link values with visualization, an effective approach to building difficult motivation.

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