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The Light of the Enneagram

The Light of the Enneagram

A Journey of Self-Acceptance and Enlightenment

Offered as a 4-day course on-site or 9 weeks online

This program will introduce you to the nine facets of potential and human evolution to support communication, habit structures and intrinsic motivational patterns in order to lead a rich, inspired life. It will also enable you to recognize others for their unique facets, values and preferred way of expressing themselves.

The nine Enneagram patterns are doorways into multiple paths of leading an ever-growing life of development and awareness; a centered approach to your everyday activities. You will discover the teachings of the Enneagram in both aspects, exploring your own patterns and preferences as well as learning a multitude of methods to support working with others. 

The Light of the Enneagram is based on the idea that behind any fixation or limited viewpoint lies a potential for opening and unfolding a greater purpose. You will receive clarity on many limitations that have been challenging for you.

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    Who is this program for?

    This program is for curious, open and spiritually-minded coaches and practitioners that wish to deepen the work with their clients or would like to develop their niche in spiritual coaching. It is also ideal for people that have been doing personal and/or spiritual development work and like to understand how combining the teachings of the Enneagram with Erickson’s Solution-Focused approach is transformational. 

    Continuing Coaching Education Accreditation

    This course is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 26 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) units (1.5 Core Competencies, 24.5 Resource Development).

    Upcoming Dates

    All on-site times are local.
    All online times are in Pacific Time.

    The Light of the Enneagram
    9:00am - 12:15pm
    May 17, 2022 to July 12, 2022
    USD $1,240.00

    What is the Enneagram?

    The Enneagram is an ancient map serving as a tool of expansion and consciousness. It applies wisdom and principles that evoke understanding the innermost workings of the mind, based on early relationships within families. According to the Enneagram, human habits and perceptions can be divided into nine distinct personality types offering a framework to explore the habitual lens through which we view the world.

    The course is interactive and experiential. You will discover where you are on this evolutionary scale of development. It will assist you to be less judgmental, get insights and be less limited to your style of thinking. Not only will you be able to trust yourself more, but also be willing to take the leap into the unknown.

    The Light of the Enneagram is fundamental in obtaining greater flexibility in your communication. It fosters the design of life changes that will bring alignment and transformation to restrictive patterns.

    Benefits of The Light of the Enneagram for Coaches:

    • Recognize the core Enneagram type of your coachee and tailor your approach to help them develop
    • Understand how each of the nine Enneagram types perceives the coaching process
    • Learn to recognize survival and thriving strategies for each Enneagram style you coach
    • Explore and have insight into the unique gifts and talents of each style
    • Foster awareness of multiple levels of human development for each of the nine ways of operating
    • Tailor questions for action steps to the three main centers of the Enneagram types (head, heart, gut)
    • Respect and learn how different Enneagram styles start, maintain and stop a project cycle
    • Gain rapport with coachees that seem different to your own style and/or are not so easy to connect with based on that
    • Integrate knowledge about your own Enneagram type so it will allow you to discover greater coaching presence and capacity to deal with challenges

    Benefits of The Light of the Enneagram for personal development:

    • Apply the Enneagram map, and recognize its nine facets in yourself and others
    • Let go of limiting, self-imposed conclusions and long-standing identity patterns
    • Identify the evolutionary purpose of key individuals in your life
    • Transform the effects of negative internal dialogue
    • Understand stress points in yourself and how to react in a calm and relaxed way
    • Evolve your ‘familiar sense of self’ and broaden your horizon with new options
    • Improve your communication skills with a wide spectrum of people

    Program Curriculum

    The program curriculum is divided into 4 levels:

    Level 1: Understanding How The Enneagram Works

    You will learn about the nine Enneagram patterns and how they tie into a Solution-Focused approach. You will discuss, explore and find out how the various facets relate to each other. You will also have the opportunity to experientially connect to each type. This will allow you to gauge in playful ways which pattern resonates most with you, and you experience the most affinity.    

    Level 2: Discovering The Treasures of The Enneagram

    After landing on your type, you will add distinctions on how to work with it, and how others best relate to your facet. In this process, you will have a chance to work with some deeply transformational exercises and explore what stabilizes and supports you in personal growth.

    Level 3: Mastering Your Internal Dialogue

    The teachings of the Enneagram can offer access to explore our inner critic or dialogue that prevents Solution-Focused exploration of who we are. You will have an opportunity to identify what internal dialogue you habitually run. This will be helpful in formulating transformational questions fostering a new understanding of how wholeness can be experienced beyond the inner messages.

    Level 4: Our Evolutionary Purpose

    The culmination of this course will be for you to connect with the highest energy and wisdom behind each pattern. Grounded in greater self-acceptance and with the awareness of each pattern, you will then be able to help transform the lives of others. This includes bringing a greater capacity of trust in yourself and change the dynamic of relationships and conversations.