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Our People


Jasper Dikmans

Corporate Coaching Development

Positions at ventures in Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, and Vancouver provided a wealth of experience in the areas of business development, corporate development, entrepreneurship, and business innovation for Jasper. They too, highlighted the need to transform his style of leadership. Jasper's style used to consist of dictating what to do and how to do it — not surprisingly, a command and control style didn’t play out well in the long term: it weakened energy levels and motivation in the people he worked with.

Many of us know we’re supposed to “ask” instead of “tell.” But unfortunately, we aren’t very good at it — at heart, we’ve typically already made the decision about the right way forward, prior to the start of the conversation. We’re still directive leaders, trying to get agreement on what we’ve already decided. Research supports: we need to reinvent ourselves as nondirective leaders. That’s why Jasper currently heads up corporate business development in North America for Erickson Coaching International. He works with leaders at all levels to cultivate a coach approach in them and throughout their firms.

Jasper has completed Erickson’s programs The Art & Science of Coaching (Module I-IV), Coaching Competencies for Leaders, and High-Performance Team Coaching. His 5 Clifton StrengthsFinder themes are: communication, ideation, positivity, strategy, and winning others over.