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I Quit My Job and Became a Coach

written byKaylee Houdeon 22/12/2017

My life was in a slump. I would wake up before the crack of dawn every Monday to get on a plane and fly to a remote work location where I was micromanaged and my soul was constantly crushed. I did not feel comfortable being my authentic self, and when I was, I was criticized for it. Things really could not get any worse for me.

It was a frigid autumn Wednesday when I rode the bus back to my camp room, ignoring the jabs from my colleagues for not coming to dinner with them. I laid down in my uncomfortable bed, in my room that was either too hot or too cold. I opened a bag of potato chips, called my boyfriend and cried, “The money isn’t worth it anymore.”

Less than a month later, I was out the door. I called everyone and anyone I thought might give me a lead for a new job, and I found out that one of my favorite manager’s from a previous internship had become a life coach! I had a quick coffee with her during one of my lowest of low points, and she convinced me that I would benefit from coaching. She was right!

Less than a month later I was on top of the world again. We discussed my values, my happiness buttons, how to overcome my gremlins. I started meditating and visualizing a life that was my own.

The incredible part is that I have completely turned my life around since that first coffee date.

Since then I have…

  • read countless articles and books on self-help, positive psychology and happiness
  • started a blog on the Millennial perspective on the pursuit of happiness
  • challenged myself to launch my coaching business in 5 days
  • committed to Erickson's The Art & Science of Coaching and am getting formally certified as a coach
  • built a social media strategy for the business I have always dreamed of
  • finalized a business plan and proved the viability of running my business full-time
  • five paid coaching clients going into 2018; and…
  • an HR contract lined up with a company I love, doing work that is actually meaningful!

The best part is, it hasn’t even been two months since I quit my awful job! Coaching has had such an amazing impact on my life in the short time that I have been working with my own life coach and building my career coaching business that I just cannot wait to give this value back tenfold to my clients.

The quote by Denis Waitley, “When you visualize, then you materialize,” couldn’t ring more true to me. The power of re-wiring the neurons in my brain to be aligned with who I want to be when I wake up every morning has been an immensely powerful experience. By taking away the frantic, negative mindset I was used to sitting in, I have not only motivated action but have manifested my dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, I am less than perfect. I have days where I do not feel my best or do not get as much done as I would have liked, but that is what makes the journey so powerful. I can see the step by step changes that are made by committing to a new mindset and articulating what you actually want to the universe. I am now committed to taking imperfect action every day and being kind to myself in the process, and it is working!