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A Holiday Message from Marilyn Atkinson

written byMarilyn Atkinsonon 14/12/2018

Hello my dear friends, partners, fellow coaches, and World Game players,

Joyous Noël, Season of Giving and Love, and Happy Holidays to you all!  

This past year I have had the privilege of meeting so many of you. Erickson landed on the soils of Saudi Arabia and Kenya for the first time. We conducted powerful programs all over the world, from Jakarta to Kiev, from Rome to China!

We are moving into 2019 and our large World Game gathering on the beaches of the blue Mediterranean Sea in Antalya, Turkey. Hundreds of us; visionary partners, trainers, and coaches from every area of this small planet will be gathering to develop our alignment, our steps forward, and our coaching legacy! I welcome you to holiday with your family and build your own next-step vision! What is next for you?

As Erickson Coaches, we have accomplished much in the last 38 years, with strong coaching networks arising everywhere. As coaches, we provide a centrifuge for the force for human development in the world. Every coaching session is an opportunity to personally and actively link to our positive life purpose, as well as accept the real support of others. We Humans are so deep and insightful as we connect with our full powers of intuitive listening. We can then open towards others and their capacities. It only takes moments to move into our wider awareness and our evolutionary purpose!

Look around you in this season – do you not see people whose hearts are hungry for meaning and purpose, for true courage and capacity? This is a key learning point for us coaches. We move beyond the habits of judgemental thinking. What life wants is the development of us all, not just some of us. Our courage is required to develop our inner wisdom.

It’s important to stop and remember that the mistakes of our past are not our future. Notice and see how the world is today! What are you appreciating about it? This allows us to see our next steps with fresh eyes. What does 2019 hold for you? We are moving quickly towards the second score of years of the 21st Century! Let us make this the millennium of human development and true coaching awareness.  

Enjoy this holiday season everyone! Take time for yourself, your family and friends. Give yourself the gift of time to explore your true desires. Flow love to yourself and to all those you spend time with.

My heartfelt wishes to you all,

Marilyn Atkinson
President & Founder
Erickson Coaching International

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