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Our People


Heidi Hamilton

Sales & Marketing

As CEO for Priority Solutions, Heidi Hamilton has developed and implemented sales and marketing strategies, creating leap-frog growth for her clients since 2002. Heidi’s expertise and success lies in integrating marketing and sales to provide clear "click to close" results. Heidi’s financial management and sales background places her in a unique position within her field. Operating within multiple industries, Heidi’s forte is simplicity - ensuring that the foundation is provided to deliver and measure quantum growth for her clients.

Through 13 years of business success, Heidi has developed a full framework of sales and marketing processes, instruments and toolsets based on best practice which have been implemented with great success within various sectors and industries. Heidi conducts business and retains clients in Canada, as well as the UK, Germany, China and South Africa. This global mix provides Heidi with an opportunity to continually learn and appreciate cultural diversity in business – a topic she is passionately interested in.

Business Specializations:

  • Integrated marketing strategies and alignment with sales objectives
  • Ensuring measurable ROI in implementation and execution of strategic initiatives
  • Strategic growth consulting
  • Development of go-to-market strategies and tactical plans
  • Sales Performance improvement
  • Performance management and measurement within the marketing and sales environment
  • Development of sales competence in order to increase revenues