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Habit Builder Coaching Tool

Habit Builder Coaching Tool

One of the most common questions we hear is, “what else can I do to help my clients stick with the changes we discuss in their session and achieve the impact they want?” Once the clarity and inspiration of their session fades or they’re back to the hustle of their daily work, their best intentions go out the window.

Watch the video below to learn how professional coach Emma Bloch-Hansen of i2a Coaching & Consulting uses the Habit Builder Coaching App to support her clients to succeed. 

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for greater evidence that coaching works. Coaches are asking: How do I support my client to be accountable for their progress? How do I deliver more value in my coaching practice?

We are excited to announce our partnership with Actionable to support our community with these challenges.

Deepen the impact and transform your coaching practice using behaviour science, technology and data alongside the powerful coaching sessions that you deliver.

Actionable is a global technology company that has been working with coaches and consultants in more than eight countries to help them leverage behaviour science in their work. Their Habit Builder technology platform helps coachees apply new insights and information from their coaching session by allowing them to set a habit change intention, commitment or new habit. It then provides support to achieving that commitment, through daily rating, nudges and journal entries. It means that the pre- and post-session component as well as impact measuring will be easier to administer by the coach.

If you feel you just “don’t have time for another tool,” we’ve specifically chosen Actionable as our partner because they’ve done all the work of figuring out the precise process flow, and they’ve tested it hundreds of times with coaches and their coachees around the world. It’s simple, easy and exceptionally effective.

We’ve chosen Actionable because they have extensive experience specifically helping coaches add technology to their practice seamlessly. They know coaches, and they are as passionate about creating transformational experiences as we are.

Habit Builder Coaching Tool

Actionable provides a powerful and simple tool that supports the work of coaches to guide their clients toward consistent and incremental improvement. The Habit Builder Coaching Tool supports and tracks individual behaviour change. Coaches gain real-time visibility into how their clients are progressing and use the information to tailor the approach and create more effective relationships.

Adding the Habit Builder Coaching Tool to a coaching session allows you to move your one-time coaching session into a 30-day skill-building experience that keeps coaching participants accountable for integrating the incremental changes agreed to in the coaching session. 

The Habit Builder Coaching Tool provides:

  • Daily nudges (or a frequency of their choice) to coachees to rate their progress, via email or SMS
  • Opportunity for coachees to share greater insight to their progress via journal notes
  • Coach dashboard to monitor progress and provide support and encouragement to coachees through commitment prompts
  • Data on progress; ability to identify barriers and bright spots
  • Greater insight on where to focus upcoming sessions, based on coachee progress, wins and challenges
  • Ability to aggregate data across client sessions, to share with future coaching prospects

Your monthly subscription, through Erickson, provides:

  • Unlimited use of the Habit Builder Coaching Tool for five (5) of your clients each month (no restriction on the # of sessions per client)
  • Coaching session preparation and follow up, including notifications, daily rating, journal entries and accountability buddies
  • Participant progress reports, and monthly summaries for reference during coaching sessions.

As you get started our support team is available anytime. You can expect:

  • Access to your coach dashboard
  • Training on how to set up, launch and monitor monthly client Habit Builder activities
    (you can have your VA join the training as well)
  • User and tech support, via email and phone
  • Participant Habit Builder instructions

Monthly Payment

Annual Payment

Standard Price

$55 USD

$625 USD

Alumni Price

$45 USD

$495 USD

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