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Guide Furlani


Joining Erickson Coaching International in 2009 first as a Regional Program Organizer for Los Angeles, then as a Senior International and Online Facilitator in 2010, Guide has a natural gift for inspiring and motivating aspiring coaches to reach their full potential as up and coming leaders in an ever-evolving and innovative field.

Guide Furlani combines his training in Ontopsychology, Phenomenological Psychology and Family Dynamics with solution-focused Ericksonian methodology as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF and Certified NLP Master Practitioner. His coaching approach is informed and influenced by a deep interest in the works of Carl G. Jung, Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Bandler & Grinder, Wayne W. Dyer, Tony Robbins, among many others. This is further supplemented by 35 years of experiential practice in mindfulness, existential inquiry and spirituality.

In his capacity as Facilitator, Guide engages his students’ rapt attention through his warm friendliness, sophisticated sense of humour and versatile demeanour. He further leverages his acting background to bring coaching simulations to life and to further refine his students’ assimilation and practical application of coaching methodology. His deep appreciation of the human psyche combined with his genuine presence and ability to share complex ideas with simplicity make it that much easier for participants to integrate their learning and begin developing their unique coaching identity and style. Finally, his multi-lingual background, advanced communication skills and cross-cultural awareness effectively allow him to tailor his content delivery for the international audience’s needs and model of the world.

As Founder of his private coaching practice, White Eagle Coaching and Personal Consulting, Guide specializes in organic leadership. His intuitive understanding of integral systems thinking allows him to customize the coaching environment in such a way as to call forth the next leading edge in his clients’ personal and professional evolution. A 2nd Dan black belt with 16 years of Aikido training, he has fine-tuned a certain flexible awareness in transforming blind spots into strengths. His inter-disciplinary and integrative approach has allowed him to develop a keen ability to assist his clients to cut through issues and overcome challenges in order to arrive to creative solutions quickly and efficiently in the most holistically appropriate way for their particular needs and pace for development.

A Renaissance man and passionate self-actualization enthusiast driven by a deep calling to assist people in connecting with their own guidance system (“beyond-conscious mind”), Guide is on a mission to empower humans in embodying their most authentic self, embracing their wholeness and expressing their Truth in the endeavours most significant to them. Knowing that he has more to give in this realm, he is engaging in authorship, public speaking and signature group coaching and mentoring programs.

Professional Qualifications & Learning:

  • Advanced Trainer's Training
  • Expanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Advance of the Spirit (Deep Coaching)
  • The Art & Science of Mindfulness
  • Four Quadrant Thinking
  • Spiral Dynamics and Integral Systems Thinking
  • Team Coaching
  • Family and Couples Coaching
  • Relationship-Oriented Coaching
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Member of Solution Focused Coaching Association (Vancouver)
  • Member of Canadian Values Alliance