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Erickson Coach Directory

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Vivian ZHAO
Executive Coach
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Leaders grow leaders!

About Me

Experienced Executive Coach and Career Coach by leveraging Financial industry expertise and multi-culture background in both North America and China. Rich corporate experience in Financial Service in both US and China as different leadership roles allows me to assist/support/accompany the customers to create new awareness, unlock unknown talent/blind point and optimize his/her talents. Mature self-confidence, positive energy, partnering and goal oriented are my icon coaching style. 

My Offering

1) Supporting executive leaders and professionals in corporate environment to achieve super performance, high people engagement, excellent cusotmer experience.  2) Assisting business owner to break through the challenges, be more creative to stand out from competitors and build up solid financial foundation.

Relevant Experience

Relevant Experience: 

4 years Executive/Career Coach;
27 years international corporations experience and 50% of time as Executive Leader in different roles;
Canada Career Strategist certified by CPC;
Volunteer of Canada Junior Achievements and China Zhi Hui NGO to support young talents.

Years of Coaching: