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Erickson Coach Directory

The Art and Science of Coaching - Standing in Contribution: A trainer's Training
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Your difference is a Chance !

About Me

Edwige Giron-Fleckinger is a potential shaker: a professional coach, trainer, and mentor. She supports people in their professional development by valuing their abilities and their difference.

  • Companies: support for managers, employees and teams, and training to raise awareness of disabilities
  • Freelancers: support for coaches, trainers, consultants and therapists in the development of their activity and the digitalization of their practice
  • Individuals: support for retraining and professional development

Passionate about people, she came from the world of business and sports competition. She spent more than 10 years in human resources and HRMS project management for IT engineering companies in Paris. She has also practiced horse riding in dressage and show jumping, and golf in individual and team competitions.Edwige's degrees include a master's degree in private law, a master's in human resources with a specialization in skills management, a certificate as an Erickson certified professional trainer, and a PCC certification from the ICF.In 2013, she completed The Art & Science of Coaching program from the Erickson Coaching International school in Paris.She became a trainer and professional coach certified ECPC (Erickson Certified Professional Coach), then certified PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the ICF (International Coach Federation).In 2017, she created an online coaching platform whose goal is to democratize access to professional coaching and to promote the development of personal development professionals (self-coaching programs and online training, distance sessions).Since 2019, she has been an ICF mentor and trainer certified in professional coaching by the Erickson Coaching International school. She runs the French-language training modules of the The Art & Science of Coaching program in France and Europe ... and soon in English!Her values: Freedom, Authenticity, Kindness, Respect, Sharing.