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Erickson Coach Directory

Erickson Coach Directory

Andria Gillis
The Art & Science of Coaching
Toronto, Canada

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Think Deeply, Create Change.

EXPERIENCE HIGHLIGHT: Certified, professional coach with 15+ years of leadership experience. Passionate about connecting personal development to professional growth.  BIO: After 15+ years in leadership roles within the North American retail industry, I retrained as a certified coach, as my experience showed and my training reinforced that coaching is one of the best ways to improve employee engagement and support their personal development. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching executives and leaders at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence education, tech startups, not for profits, and small businesses. OUTLOOK: For me, becoming a coach was rooted in this idea that leadership was broken. Top-down, hierarchical models were no longer working and people were not thriving at work. The opportunity to support individuals to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence and thrive in their personal and professional lives is a pretty amazing way to contribute to the future of work. COACHING STYLE: My coaching style is evidence-based and solution-focused. I draw on neuroscience, psychology and scientific research to partner with my clients with compassion, curiosity, and candor.