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Erickson Coach Directory

Mads Damgaard Damgaard Petersen
Master of Computer Science & Business Admin
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I help you make fast progress with your career dreams. What you need to get unstuck and moving is support to discover & commit to what you truly want and build a well thought out plan for how to achieve that. Along the way we deal with any negative mindsets or beliefs that might be holding you back and implement supportive mindsets that will carry you forward in whatever you choose. For more information about the common issues that I deal with and what you can expect, see this linkedin article:

About Me

The Most Important Work You Can Think OfYou may have been asking yourself what the most important work you can think of is. If so then I have good news for you, you are pretty close to an answer, but more about that in a bit.I’m guessing that you have worked for a while, earned good money, you have a “good” job, a title that impresses some people, you can take nice vacations and yet still somehow you feel unfulfilled. Your work is giving you all of these nice things that you always wanted, but you are discovering that maybe they are not worth the time & energy you give up to have them. Inside you something is wanting to do more meaningful things with your life than working for pay, and you have realized that titles don’t really mean much when it comes to being happy. Your friends either don’t really understand what you are talking about or maybe agree that doing something else would be great but for whatever reason they can’t do it. You feel alone and have a mounting dissatisfaction with how your days are spent yet have not been able to do something about it but you know want to live a different life.This knowledge puts you ahead of 99 % of people who only come to this realization when they reach old age and their options are limited.This change often comes about through some type of challenge in your life like losing someone or something precious to you. It made you recognize that at some point you will have to look at what you have made of your life and that maybe currently it isn’t what you wanted. The possibility that is afforded you now is to open up to a new dimension of your work-life which has less to do with money & things (you did all that already right..?) and more to do with meaning & purpose. This is where true happiness is found.There is a powerful saying that holds immense truth for me

The Purpose of life is to discover your gift;

The Work of life is to develop it;

And the Meaning of life lies in giving it away.

Damgaard Coaching is built on this idea and what I do is help people find what they are meant to do. I do this primarily through coaching and writing and on my facebook and linkedin pages I’m sharing tips and tools you can use to discover your roots of happiness. Imagine that your work could be more than just a transaction with your employer about your time and energy for money. What if it could be an expression of what is important to you? Of some contribution that you want to make to the world. Imagine that you could go to work and earn a good living by making an inspiring difference in the world. There are people out there who are passionate and excited about what they do and they are the ones who can meet the end of their lives without regret. There are bankers & software developers working and earning good money at Triodos Bank while enabling funding and financial services to purely ecological and ethical projects. Engineers working with wind and solar installation and development of green energy at Vestas Wind Systems and Canadian Solar. More and more car manufacturers are switching their efforts to electric cars which need more and more engineers and developers in this field. All of these companies need project managers and DBA’s . Why could that not be you?All you need is a Great goal, a Good plan, Courage to start and enough Tenacity to see it through.Living a long uninspired life is not a success, its a tragedy. You deserve to find your gift so you can develop it and spend your life making the world better by giving it away. If you are with me so far, these three resources may be helpful for you: Career satisfaction Quiz: Get 30 questions designed to give you a complete picture of where you stand with your current job. you can take the quiz by clicking on this link Free Guide: Learn more about the the foundation of an inspiring career in my guide: The 5 foundations of a career with purpose  Article: 5 common issues senior-level professionals face with their careers and what to do about them You are always welcome to ask me any questions you have on Facebook or LinkedIn and if you would like to have inspiring insights pop into your feed from time to time then please like or follow my page and tell your friends about it if you think they could benefit too.