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Erickson Coach Directory

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Piotr Kustra
Coaching Methods: 
In Person
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About Me

I have an extensive experience in the following areas: 17+ yrs in IT; 10+ yrs in Proj. Mgnt.; 8+ yrs in people mgmt; 3+ yrs in Personal Coaching. My personal experience in living twice through the emigration process and dealing with all the challenges with settling-in shaped me as courageous entrepreneur capable of envisioning the future and effectively bringing it to reality. I established the Coaching Community of Practice and the Mindfulness@IBM Community at IBM in Poland. I'm known for always staying faithful to my believes; curious and determined to never stop exploring and experiencing; inquisitive and courageous to ask yet another question as soon as I get an answer.As a Coach, I'm like an innocent three year old kid holding up a big mirror. The 'mirror' provides a crystal clear and sharp reflection of everything my client projects, uncovering also the things, which might be uncomfortable or even shocking. The 'three year old kid' is absolutely neutral and not judging but at the same time extremely curious. He is a master of asking questions.  As a Coach I take my clients to the 'places' where they haven't been before. That is where they tap into their hidden resources, find new ways for solving their problems and uncover new capabilities to accomplish their aspirations. I assist leaders as they create the right environment that inspires individuals to fulfill their personal sense of purpose through working with others on shared common goals. I partner with my coaching clients in their personal journey in becoming best possible catalyst that invites and supports their teams to consciously progress through their joint learning process in a structured and disciplined manner.