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Erickson Coach Directory

Erickson Coach Directory

Alexandra Nadelman
Masters Degree in HRD, Art & Science of Coaching, Action Learning Facilitator, Level A & B Occupational Testing and Psychometrics, Conflict Coaching, Parachute Career Coaching, Firework Career Coaching, Happiness Project, 'TED' The Empowerment Dynamic,
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Can Do It Now - small steps for big effects

About Me

Alix was fortunate in training with Marilyn on one of the first Certified Coach Training programmes in the UK and since then she has gone on to work with many people making changes in their lives and careers, she is gifted with an ability to assist in deep and meaningful personal transformation.

Alix is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (2006), Erickson Professional Coach (2003), is a listed Parachute facilitator (What color is your parachute - Richard Bolles) as well as a Certified NLP Master Practitioner.

Life and career transitions, leadership, relationships and increasing resilience are common themes in Alix's work.

A strong interest and experience in coaching people at 'crash point' to build resilience and take steps to rebalance their lives. A faciliator and trainer of mental health first aid for leaders and work teams.

Alix also loves working with groups on development programmes as a facilitator using action learning, group coaching and other creative interventions.