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Erickson Coach Directory

Erickson Coach Directory

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Vanessa M. Rubach
International coach, trainer, facilitator at VRCoaching
Coaching Methods: 
In Person
Languages Spoken: 
Make your life a masterpiece!

About Me

Clients work with me, whent they want to make sustainable change in their life, for example they want to set a new direction for their lifes, living healthier, having more energy, creating a compelling future or a more fulfilling career. I have also coached clients that were facing a new situation in their career like a progression and wanted to step up and embody being a great leader. I have worked as an internal coach in a global corporation since 2015, supporting our leaders, high potentials and high performing teams across geographies in areas like transitioning into a new role, presenting a pitch, performing under high pressure, having impactful client conversations, changing habits that no longer serve them and many more areas, affecting their business and personal lives. And I would love to help you too! Imagine for a moment what you want your life to look like, how you want to feel and what you want to achieve. This is what I can help you with.I have finished my studies with Erickson in 2015 and am a Certified Erickson Professional Coach (ECPC). I am also a Master Practicioner in NLP and very soon a Trainer in NLP too.