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Erickson Coach Directory

Ibeth Guadalupe Ramos Ayala
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In Person
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​Embark on a Journey of Change and Collaboration to achieve your ...

About Me

Ibeth is a solution-focused and innovation coach and an intercultural management consultant, as well as a faciltitator with clients in Europe and the Americas. Working across different cultures increases the wealth of her expertise and expands the space for her personal and professional growth; allowing her to enrich her clients’ experience by using her knowledge to enable discoveries and changes that have a long term impact in their organization and everyday environment.Her style of collaborating with her clients is creating a repectful, honest and commited professional relationship that enables them to embark on their new journey with confidence and dedication. Her respectful challenges opens doors to even more possibilities their clients ever considered.Ibeth designs and delivers leadership development programs not only in corporate organizations but also working with not-for profits as a volunteer. Her expertise includes: Develop organizations’ intercultural communications and intercultural management skills, unlock and cultivate skills for innovators, coaching and giving effective feedback; executive coaching and spiritual coaching using mindfulness tools.As a proud domestic violence (DV) survivor she has committed to use her skills to tap into the potential of victims and survivors and walk alongside as these clients celebrate their potential. She works with shelters and organizations that support DV victims.  Ibeth uses her coaching skills throughout all branches of expertise, from facilitating workshops and meetings to consulting and project managing. Her vision is to walk through this life with respectful curiosity to expand on her purpose and the purpose of others around her.She currently lives in Toronto, Canada with her international family; her German husband and her beautiful dogs, Stella (from Greece) and Guinness (from Spain).Work HighlightsCoaching for innovators

  • One of Ibeth’s current coaching project is partnering with an InsurTech Innovation Lab in Toronto providing coaching session at individual and team level to support the team achieve their goals in a supportive and developing environment. This includes weekly coaching sessions giving teams space to reflect on where they are, where they want to go, disrupt their thinking in a safe and collaborative environment and learn when results seem to feel like an obstacle or a failure.

Life coaching for not-for profits

  • Currently designing workshops for Dress for Success in Toronto, which include topics such as: Executive Presence, Effective Communication, 1-2-1 coaching, career coaching and mentoring.
  • 1-2-1 coaching sessions with DV victims and survivors