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Erickson Coach Directory

Erickson Coach Directory

Lori A. Girard
Riverside Community Church
Erickson Professional Life Coach, Pastoral License & education through PLBC


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It's TIME to grab destiny by the hand and slay whatever is stopping you. Live Well and Thrive.

About Me

You know you were made for more & have yet to step into a life of thriving and living true to your God given identity and call.   It's time to rise up, break out of that box and purposely grab transformation by the hand.   Discovering your identity and purpose is foundational  Have you ever truly identified your core values?   I will coach you through that.   How does what you believe and your self-talk affect your life?   Seriously... it's profound.   

I will walk you through transforming your thinking.  From limiting beliefs to radical empowering ones!   That is a changed life right there.   Your actions will follow.   You WILL walk in victory.   NOW is the time to live life well - with purpose, power and impact.    Radical transformation is available.   

My passion for coaching others began in 1990 when I had the opportunity to have influence & impact on others through a very successful business in the financial industry.  

My niche throughout those 20 years  was to coach individuals in areas relating specifically to  goal setting, creating mission statements, identifying fears & overcoming the challenges that often hold us back from success and accomplishing our goals.   For those interested in Faith based coaching, it may be helpful to know I am a licensed Pastor with Riverside Community Church (a Foursquare Church) in Port Coquitlam, B.C.    I empower women to rise up and live impactful, victorious lives through discovering their identity, and personal values.   With a focus on transforming thinking and belief systems.