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Erickson Coach Directory

Erickson Coach Directory

Ann M. Pritchard
Erickson College International
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Enabling healthy self-relationships

About Me

Are you an aspiring person wanting to become the best you can be?...A searching person wanting to find meaning and live your life purpose?...A caring person with a passion to be an inspiring leader at work or in the community?...A baby boomer who wants your golden years to be your most fulfilling years yet?...A forward-looking person wishing to leave a valuable legacy?...A spiritual journeyer, travelling into new territory?

Whatever your objective, my purpose as coach is to enable you to empower yourself by gaining self-awareness that can be found in "near life experiences (NLEs)", those moments in life when you've felt must fully alive. Learn more about NLEs at

My motivational speaking and coaching company name is "hywtas", pronounced high-wa-tass (rhymes with "to surpass"), and is the acronym of hitch your wagon to a star. When you hitch your wagon of wants to your own actualized star power, you take off from where you are!