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Jane M. Zakreski
Jane Zakreski Coaching and Consulting
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Thrive at work you want. Live a Life you love.

About Me

Transform your ideas into action by finding your purpose; building your pathways; improving your performance; and collaborating with others.

The through-line through that connects all of my work is helping people and groups transform. I've witnessed firsthand what happens when people get clear about what they want and commit to building the capacity to make it happen.

I started my private practice in the fall of 2008 after working in both leadership and consulting roles with the federal government for over 20 years in several different sectors. I've coached hundreds of people and groups from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors Over my career, I've worked with hundreds of leaders, teams and working groups at all organizational levels.

Some of the most rewarding work of my career has been in the over 2000 plus coaching conversation I've had over these last several years. My passion for doing this work only gets deeper as I witness the transformative power of clarity coupled with practical next steps. Inspired action is what makes transformation happen.

My specialty is coaching people in a variety of career and life stages. Some examples of the types people I coach are people who are:

-Experiencing work or life transitions or at critical decision-making points;
-Ready to be more strategic about career and life choices;
-Building leadership, influencing and other professional competencies.
-Looking for more harmony with your work and life choices;
-Exploring career or job changes, or committed to growing where you are;
-Need an Interview Strategist to help to perform better in interviews;
-Leading teams and organizations undergoing change and transition;
-Dealing with conflict at work and building collaborative skills;
-Want to achieve more but not sure how to go about it;
-Willing to take the next step and make professional growth and personal well-being a priority.

Please see for a detailed overview of my services and contact me directly for a complimentary consultation.