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Erickson Coach Directory

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Soraya Van Buskirk
Certified Personal Coach
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Discover how you can be Successful On Purpose

About Me

Your mind and life experiences can can blindside you with doubt, fear and uncertainty...or lead you to limitless opportunities, inner joy and your personal definition of success.I work with women individually or in groups who experience inner challenges from a sense of "not being enough", doubting their worth and value, experience the effects of limiting thinking, lack a sense of loving themselves and have the frustration of taking on too much or seeking to please others for approval and in order to be loved.  Through inner-focus exercises, using tools to shifting perceptions, beliefs, self-stories; in guiding you to develop your inner self-worth and self-love and most importantly addressing the issues created by the fear monger - it's my intention to assist you in advancing yourself forward, finding peace in-mind and the sense of fulfillment you've been seeking in your life.