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Global Coaching Movement - The World Game (Part I)

written byKasia Hightonon 09/01/2019

There has never been a more interesting and fascinating time to be alive. With the advancement of technology, science, communication, and overall economic progress, we are by far the most privileged and comfortable that a human being has ever been. The 21st Century reality has made it possible for us to reach the stars, communicate with anyone instantly, and create the life of our choice.

This also applies to businesses worldwide. The business arena has always been a place of often rapid and unexpected changes, and with the technological and communicational progress of the last 10 decades, it has bloomed and turned small, local, household companies into multinational empires, with divisions around the globe and international staff skilled for every level of demand. Undoubtedly, these are the best and the most opportunity driven times in the history of humankind.

But history is now changing, bringing on another reality that both businesses and individuals need to address, and they need to do it now. The cash flow, business development, and profitability conversations that we have become accustomed to are now slowly, but consistently giving way to the question of sustainability both in the local and global arena. In the past, focus on sustainability might have been considered a luxury or a fashion, but with what we now know it is becoming essentially a matter of life and death. 

Twenty years ago, the problems we now face might have sounded like a dystopian future, but it is the reality of today for millions of people. We are facing several social, environmental, economic, and humanitarian crises on the global scale. From rising global temperatures and carbon emissions to deforestation and environmental devastation to overpopulation and pollution, these are daunting challenges of the modern day. Human beings need to engage to develop our future life on this earth for the good of all. We must use a developed brain to now find the way out of a seemingly dire situation. But there is a bright side!

Technological development has allowed us to share and communicate information across the globe in mere seconds. People, by the millions, are travelling and learning how diversified the world is. We now have all the tools that we need for a new level of sustainable management and life support on our planet. Until recently it was not yet possible to tackle major world problems systemically. We just didn’t have sufficient tools. We had not yet progressed far enough to even know the scope of the issues that the planet and all human beings might face in the 21st century. But now, not only can we assess exactly where we are at, we can communicate it to the whole world within seconds.

For example: We can use the same tools and the same infrastructure that has so far been compromising the planet and turn it all around. Systemically, project by project – and with one project at the time – we can turn our planet into a thriving place for all humanity to live. 

With increasing cultural and emotional intelligence, as well as support from coaches, individuals are now making choices that they have never made before. Many of us chose to make dietary choices which systemically impact meat production and crop farming in the world, directly affecting the pollution levels and hunger in the world. People, more than ever, are engaging in waste management that goes far beyond previous recycling choices. Many people now invest a portion of their time in helping others who might be a continent away. The world is ready, and humankind is more and more aware of the harm that massive development has caused. We are working towards the welfare of the people in all areas of the world. We are truly engaging around the sustainability issues that we are all facing.
Have you noticed that many companies are talking about green solutions to make their production processes more sustainable? Coaches are assisting agricultural planners and visionaries.

Have you noticed that more people are recycling their waste and discuss ways to sustain the food they make? Coaches are also assisting city governments and planners as they re-design their approach to waste disposal and build sustainable, energy efficient housing.

Have you spotted hybrid cars in your area and major motor companies shifting focus to more eco-friendly sources of fuel and materials used in their production? Again, people are re-focusing on re-designing their energy use, and coaches are assisting.

Are you aware of how various organizations are trying to address our current global crises to support those who suffer from wars or famine? Coaches are assisting as people build a more global point of view.

Imagine that ALL coaches found the courage to commit to becoming role models and practicing coaching from a global perspective. How would this assist a shift to global change?

Learn more about how coaches can assist individuals and organizations to face the challenges of the 21st Century in Part II of this article.

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