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Four Quadrant Dynamics: An Approach to Mind Exploration

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 07/02/2020

As we ask inward questions with curiosity, we notice how the mind, as a receptivity system, receives information powerfully from key areas: physical, emotional-relational, intentional, and meaningful. We discover how we can explore the content, structure, process, and inner form or flow of these emergent awarenesses. As we ask open-ended questions, we receive ideas — often in quick, visual ‘flashes of insight.’ We call these sensory ‘bits’ or flashes ‘dynamic ideas’ for a variety of reasons.

In Marilyn Atkinson's new two-volume book series 4 Quadrant Dynamic Intelligence, you will discover new doorways into awareness for your own development of mind. You will also learn basic and practical practices you can use in all areas of your life.

Volume I is about defining your own ‘Playground of Intelligence.’ It exercises your ability with four quadrant thinking and with multiple sensory practices.

Volume II, Entering The Playground, shows key ways to explore and to develop what we now call Formats A, B, C, and D — developmental frameworks for self-discovery. These are special learning approaches and breakthroughs that can shift whole systems. These four formats tie very closely to basic discoveries of quantum physics. We move from particle to pattern and build coherency at the larger level. Observing these emerging patterns also ties very closely to the practices of many mystics and integrate into approaches used in The Art & Science of Coaching. This volume also focuses on Integration and expands this further, with an exploration of the nature of inner truth, and how we are able to find it, individual by individual.

Discover more about 4 Quadrant Dynamic Intelligence in this interview with Marilyn Atkinson and her co-author, Peter Stefanyi, Ph.D.

With four quadrant exploration, we are studying the inner creativity system. We are exploring the evolving nature of human consciousness as one whole system of growth, change, and learning. We map the creativity system from outside yet sense the flow of the system from inside. We expand awareness. Four quadrant drawings assist us. Our base is always whole system awareness. We use four quadrants to define the natural qualities of whole systems. We explore the dynamics of our own consciousness, thought system by thought system, our ‘playgrounds.’ We also ask how the wave of humanity’s potential can evolve as a whole. Open-ended questioning, deep curiosity, and willingness to be grateful for what we receive allows this approach.

Interested in diving into 4 Quadrant Dynamic Intelligence? Volume I and II are available for purchase on Amazon.

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