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Expanding Our Online Programs Delivery

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 05/03/2020

To respond effectively to the recent challenges around global COVID-19 concerns, Erickson Coaching International is committed to serving our learners as best as possible and without any interruptions to their coach training.  

Erickson methodologies are taught in 64 countries every year. Approximately 75% of our classes are conducted on-site; 51% of them all are conducted by traveling facilitators. In lieu of the COVID-19, airports & on-site classrooms became potential places of contamination. The safety of our learners and facilitators is our first priority. 

To meet the ongoing demand for training while prioritizing everyone’s safety and peace of mind, we will be offering online learning via Online Academy to all of those, who would otherwise study on-site. 

Erickson has proudly conducted virtual online live training since 2003 and was the first coach training organization to create an online version of our entire ACTP program - The Art & Science of Coaching. Our online training offers live interactive webinars supported by both self-paced and social learning. Learners benefit from the same content in our online programs as they would receive in our on-site training. We now boast approximately 1903 graduates of our online coaching training and deliver online training in North America.

For any questions about upcoming online training for The Art & Science of Coaching and other programs, please connect with our Enrollment Advisors.

A special message from our Founder, Marilyn Atkinson:

A special message from our Certified International Mentor Coach, Sophie Bizeul

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