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Erickson Welcomes a New Partner in Ghana!

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 05/09/2019

Erickson Coaching International is proud to announce our expansion into Ghana!  

Led by our partner - ZenFusion Academy, Erickson Ghana will be providing coach training and is committed to promoting coaching as a tool for well-being and human development to the country of Ghana. ZenFusion is deeply aligned with Erickson’s vision of Changing the World, One Conversation at a Time, and believes that success and betterment in life can only come by inspiration and empowerment, which are only possible by creating the right mindset. 

Munnira Sheikh, CEO of ZenFusion Academy, and her team aspire to work on mindset development in both personal and professional environments. Starting from individual capacities enhancement to organizations’ revenues increase, the inception of ZenFusion Academy occurred creating an impact on lives to completely trust their potential & enhance them with continuous learning. Munnira has a strong motivational attitude towards her friends, peers and co-workers and believes we all are given some special skill and potential. Her personal values include Commitment, Integrity and Vision. 

ZenFusion Academy offers personal and professional development courses, both online and on-site. They assist organizations to improve their efficiency and performance through channelized and gauged training. The flagship product of ZenFusion Academy is MACBAK which is a 360-degree personality development program for individuals to identify their true potential and achieve their best results. MACBAK is a continuous learning program with effective learning methodologies to support individuals with a direction, way forward and success-measurement scale through coaching practices & methods. The beauty of the program is it works on the individual’s internal thoughts as well as external skill-sets to encapsulate the best outcome.

ZenFusion works hand-in-hand with coaches to provide education about the benefits of coaching on both the lives of individuals and within organizations. Through TV shows, radio presence, conferences, and educational videos, Zenfusion Academy is working to introduce coaching into every field where human interaction and development is important. ZenFusion Academy is the only organization offering authentic coaching certification now in Ghana, as well as empowering coaches with learning resources. ZenFusion Academy is a one-stop-shop for coaching certification as well as for coachees to learn from professionals. 

We wish the ZenFusion Academy team all the best and look forward to a prosperous future for Erickson Ghana!