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Erickson Welcomes a New Partner in Albania

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 16/02/2021

Erickson Coaching International is proud to announce our expansion into Albania!  

Led by our partner EPPC Albania, Erickson Albania is a team consists of 7 full-time experts that are passionate and committed to bringing innovation to the Albanian market and delivering excellent quality for their clients. Established in 2009 in Tirana, Albania, EPPC was created to support companies operating in Albania and Kosovo with staff development and facilitating HR Services.

The EPPC team considers coaching a powerful tool that can transform individuals and organizations. As coaching is in its early stages in the country, their aim is to be the first accredited coach training company in Albania to provide the necessary experience and programs to support organizations and their employees to grow when facing new challenges. 

"For us, Erickson has two strong pillars: Human values, such as integrity, empowerment, learning, service and happiness – and the Solution-Focused methodology. These are exactly what our market needs most. The historical and traditional methods in Albania; to dictate and tell people what to do or not to do, doesn’t unlock potential. Now our market needs more, where many people at all levels of our society have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Coaching will help them to see things from different points of view and maximize their potential." – EPPC Albania. 

The EPPC team was inspired to bring Erickson's Solution-Focused coaching method to Albania as a part of their core values:

  • To deliver excellent quality. Our business is to deliver excellent service for any product and at any time.
  • To be customer-centric. We think and we act for our customers in the same way that we think and act for ourselves.
  • Innovation. We challenge the present and we think for tomorrow.
  • Result and respect. We are results-oriented, but without compromising on respect for our customers, employees, vendors, partners and social responsibilities.

We wish the Albania team all the best and highly anticipate a bright and prosperous future with Erickson Albania!

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