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Erickson Launches Complimentary Online Program Series

written byMarilyn Atkinsonon 19/03/2020

Erickson Coaching International is thrilled to announce that we will be presenting a series of online programs and meetings to honor Erickson’s 40th Anniversary. These will be offered free of charge as a gift to the Erickson community.

We are living in very challenging times. COVID-19 has become a pandemic requiring many of us coaches to self-isolate, quarantine, and cancel our daily work. Therefore, at this time, we decided to speed up our Erickson 40th Anniversary offerings with the aim of facilitating your learning and growth, even as – for many of us – our lives have been impacted in such a huge way. We can continue to develop through heart and mind and grow our coaching capabilities during this time. All of us can assist others to stay connected through ongoing, interactive contribution.

The dates for these upcoming series will be announced shortly. Please reserve your complimentary seat to receive updates about these dates.

Erickson’s 40th Anniversary online gifts to you include:

  1. The Eco Coaching Series. This new area of coaching development will be introduced with five 45-60-minute live sessions beginning in late March 2020. Presenters include Marilyn Atkinson, Peter Stefanyi, Christopher Cooke, Paul Gossen, and Rosa Tkacova. There will be a panel discussion with all presenters on social media to begin the series.

    This program is now complete, but you can access recordings here:

     Complimentary Eco Coaching Series

  2. Mindfulness: How to Meet Trauma with Inner Peace. We are meeting COVID-19 and the self-isolation requirement with the opportunity to calm ourselves, reflect, and uplift each other in difficult times. The six Mindfulness classes, videos, and small exercise programs included in this series are for all of us as coaches, not only for ourselves but for those we coach, especially those now on the front lines with COVID-19. All of us are on the front lines if we are coaching clients and friends going through various stages of fear. Many people are not used to isolation and the process of inward pondering that accompanies being alone. 

    Presenters include Marilyn Atkinson, Kim Leischner, Paul Gossen, Moera Saule, and Rosa Tkacova, with others to be announced. This series includes both live and recorded video sessions.

    This program is now complete, but you can access recordings here:

    Complimentary Mindfulness Series

We invite everyone to join us for Erickson's complimentary 40th Anniversary programs and webinars. In the world, right now, we are in extraordinary times. Our aim at Erickson is to provide relief from fear followed by a global view of our opportunities to grow and develop day by day. It is important to all of us coaches to assist others to get through difficult events. We are joining together to support and to coach others in times of stress. The aim of Erickson with all these programs is to continue to advance coaching abilities and the compassion, humor, intellect, and vision of everyone we touch. 

May your communities benefit from your participation and may your coaching vision grow. Celebrate 40 years of coaching with us and sign up and participate in this next 6-week period. I look forward to meeting you online.


Marilyn Atkinson

President & Founder
Erickson Coaching International

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