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Erickson at the ICF Conference in London, UK

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 10/05/2018

Each year in May, International Coach Federation (ICF) celebrates the annual International Coaching Week. It's a week-long celebration of global events, activities, and pro-bono services that aim to educate the public about the value of professional coaching and offer more insight into results and progress made through the coaching process. The ICF believes that local events can contribute to a massive global impact, a belief Erickson shares with our mission "Changing the world, one conversation at a time". 

This year, to celebrate International Coaching Week, Erickson was thrilled to sponsor the UK ICF Conference on May 8 in London, UK. Titled "Dancing in the Future", this event provided an opportunity to coaches in London to engage in crucial conversations impacting the global coaching community as well as challenging and invigorating current views on the coaching industry. 

Beginning with an interactive panel "Perspectives on What the Future Holds for Coaching", where three experts shared their ideas on what the future might hold for coaching, the day was full of innovative and inspiring workshops and discussions on topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Its Impact on the Future Coaching Profession, Building a Coaching Culture with Leaders and Managers, and Culture – the Invisible Barrier to Effective Coaching. 

Our top takeaway from the Conference? Flexibility is key! Coaching is client-driven and focuses on setting goals, creating successful outcomes and effectively managing personal change. The only thing that is consistent in this is that technology, the world, and even our clients are forever evolving. As coaches, we need to continually deepen, hone, and expand our skills to grow along with them in this rapidly changing world.

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