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Erickson Complimentary Mindfulness Program Series

Erickson’s vision has always been to change the world, one conversation at a time. Now is that time. We want to make sure everyone continues to have easier access to coach training, and we are here to help make that happen for you! Our complimentary program series – Mindfulness; How to Meet Trauma with Inner Peace is being offered free of charge as a gift to the Erickson community during this difficult time to help build grit, develop resilience, and expand your horizon.

We are meeting COVID-19 and the self-isolation requirement with the opportunity to calm ourselves, reflect, and uplift each other in difficult times with this series of Mindfulness classes, videos, and small exercises.

Presenters in this series include Marilyn Atkinson, Kim Leischner, Paul Gossen, Moera Saule and Rosa Tkacova. 

This 4-week series runs from April 7-30, 2020 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and includes 4 live sessions and 4 pre-recorded video sessions.

  • Tuesdays: The recorded sessions will be sent directly to your email and can be viewed at your leisure.
  • Thursdays: The live sessions will be held weekly on Thursdays at 9:30am PDT on April 9, 16, 23, and 30, you will receive an email with the webinar link 30-minutes before each of the live sessions.  

Videos and live recordings of each session will be added to this page the week following the session date. 

Week 1

Tuesday, April 7
Pre-Recorded Session #1

Video by: Kim Leischner
Topic: The Importance of Mindfulness – Being in Service Through ‘Coach Position’

Description: In this first video from Kim Leischner, Kim shares some thoughts about the importance of mindfulness practice; it’s connection to coaching; and the important role we coaches have in assisting ourselves and others to disconnect from the negative emotional reactions that can be triggered in this time of uncertainty and respond instead from a place of alignment and value. Included in this sharing are the first two (2) of four (4) audio recorded mindfulness practices that moves us through Dr. Marilyn Atkinson’s four quadrant system for holistic human development and expansion of consciousness. The first focuses on the physical body, and the second supports us to shift from unresourceful emotional states to our more expanded and aligned positive value states.

Watch the Video
Download Audio #1: Physical – Sending Light to the Physical Body
Download Audio #2: Emotional – Timescoping Past Negative Emotions into Value States

Thursday, April 9
Live Session #1

Hosted by: Marilyn Atkinson
Topic: What is Mindfulness Practice Anyways?

Description: In this one-hour live conversation, Marilyn Atkinson will give examples of some key practices that can assist all of us, coaches and non-coaches, to prepare ourselves and assist others in these challenging times. She will also answer questions about mindfulness practice, what it means and what it is.

View the Live Session #1 Recording

Week 2

Tuesday, April 14
Pre-Recorded Session #2

Video by: Rosa Tkacova
Topic: Mindful Stress Relief

Description:In a brief introduction, you will become familiar with research illustrating how guided visualization releases stress, creates awareness of the present moment and sparks a long-lasting sense of peace. Such effects are carried over into everyday functioning which supports health, vitality and wellbeing. A healing meditation - guided visualization to relieve stress and build a relaxation response is the core of the session. Worldwide, many of us handle a variety of inner responses to the current challenges to the Humankind. How may we remain mindful, calm, and centered in our everyday lives these days? Guided visualization and meditation relieves stress, builds a relaxation response, creates awareness of the present moment and sparks a long-lasting sense of inner peace. This guided voice mindfulness session may inspire you to daily practice which will support your health, vitality and wellbeing.

Thursday, April 16
Live Session #2

Hosted by: Paul Gossen
Topic: Mindful OK’ness in the Face of Stress

Description: Mindful OK’ness:  For most of us, our thinking is dominated by desire for things we want and preferences for things we like or dislike. Mindful OK’ness is the process of stepping outside of our usual thinking patterns into a domain of pure acceptance. What if you could be completely OK with anything life brings? This guided voice mindfulness session and daily practice is simple and powerful. Paul Gossen has studied mindfulness and meditation for more than 35 years and conducted programs around the world.

View the Live Session #2 Recording

Week 3

Tuesday, April 21
Pre-Recorded Session #3

Video by: Moëra Saule
Topic: Unfold Life Source Energy

Description: This meditation is giving the focus on the body and our vital organs. Our vital organs, as they are acknowledged, become a clear gateway for an immense life force energy to unfold. Unleashing this energy gives power to the immune system to be stronger and to strengthen other immune systems around us.

Watch the Video
This meditation is also available in French, click here to download.

Thursday, April 23
Live Session #3

Hosted by: Rosa Tkacova
Topic: Mindful Immune System Boost

Description: In a brief introduction, you will get insight into research that documents how guided visualization empowers the immune system. This will be followed by a healing meditation - guided visualization with the aim to strengthen your immune system that is involved specifically in protecting the respiratory system and lungs. 

We are in the midst of a viral pandemic. Who would not want to boost their immune system these days such that their protective mechanisms in the airways and lungs do not let the virus enter their airways? What if you could, indeed, increase the number of immune cells in your airways by regular visualization practice? Research confirms that this is possible and that the immune cells work more effectively in those who meditate. This guided live session and daily practice will contribute to protecting your health.

View the Live Session #3 Recording

Week 4

Tuesday, April 28
Pre-Recorded Session #4

Video by: Kim Leischner
Topic: Building a Holistic Mindfulness Practice Through the 4 Quadrants

Description: In this video talk presented by Kim Leischner, Kim shares more around Dr. Marilyn Atkinson’s Four Quadrant system for holistic human development, and provides a deeper structural explanation of the four (4) audio recorded mindfulness practices that are offered as examples here for you to experiment with. Also included in this segment are the third and fourth audio recorded mindfulness practices that move us through the Four Quadrant system. Recording three (3) focuses attention on positive value state(s) we want to build more and more into our life experiences moving forward. Recording four (4) is a mindfulness practice that supports an experience and visualization of meaningful, heart-based connection to self and others around the world, even if we are not in physical proximity to one another.

Thursday, April 30
Live Session #4

Hosted by: Marilyn Atkinson
Topic: Mindfulness – Ways to Support Yourself in Times of Change

Description: Cultivating mindfulness habits on an individual and organizational level heightens internal and external awareness allowing for quicker response to changes and challenges. With this increased ability to be reflexive instead of reactive, decision-making is radically improved. In this one-hour discussion, Marilyn speaks about life development and mindfulness, both individual and cultural. She gives examples of simple ways that very busy people can bring this into a stable practice that endures at all levels of coaching and fully supports your life.

Live Session Details
Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 9:30am PDT
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