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Erickson Complimentary Eco Coaching Program Series

Erickson’s vision has always been to change the world, one conversation at a time. Now is that time. We want to make sure everyone continues to have easier access to coach training, and we are here to help make that happen for you! Our complimentary program series – Eco Coaching is being offered free of charge as a gift to the Erickson community during this difficult time and addresses the question: how can coaches empower ecology transformation in the face of COVID-19 and economic uncertainty?

Facilitators in this series include Marilyn Atkinson, Peter Stefanyi, Christopher Cooke, Paul Gossen, and Rosa Tkacova. 

This 3-week series runs from April 6-24, 2020 with live sessions every Monday and Friday. The live sessions will be held on April 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, and 24, you will receive an email with the webinar link and password 30 minutes before each of the live sessions.

Recordings of each session will be added to this page the week following the session date. 

Week 1

Monday, April 6
10:00am - 11:30am PST

Live Session #1

Hosted by: Richard Hyams
Topic: General Introduction to Eco Coaching during the COVID-19 Crisis

Description: This is a live online panel discussion with all program series presenters. The Eco Coaching program series offers an introduction to a transformational ecology mindset and the inner motivation to drive a shift in global consciousness.

Panel: Marilyn Atkinson, Paul Gossen, Rosa Tkacova, Christopher Cooke, Peter Stefanyi.

View the Live Session #1 Recording

Friday, April 10 
7:45am - 8:45am PST

Session #2

Hosted by: Marilyn Atkinson
Topic: What is Eco Coaching?

Description: In this one-hour program, Marilyn Atkinson will outline the new niche of Eco Coaching and describe some elements of Erickson’s new Ecology Coaching Program. This includes understanding the elements of coaching legacy thinking – personal, professional, and political. It includes information about how to develop excitement about this niche, how to generate customers, and how to amplify your own abilities to fulfill on your own mission. It also includes a discussion of some specific Eco Coaching tools.

View the Session #2 Recording

Download the Session #2 Slides

Week 2

Monday, April 13 
7:45am - 8:45am PST

Live Session #3

Hosted by: Christopher Cooke
Topic: Reading the Processes of Earth’s Ecosystem

Description: This will be a holistic informed insight into the Ecosystem processes that sustain all life on Earth. The big question that inspires this program is: How do we enhance our ability to make and test decisions and actions against the impact they make on the fundamental ecosystem processes that sustain all life on Earth?

From the perspective of the Universe, you will learn how to read the patterns of these Ecosystem Processes. This session will provide a powerful context for expanding your practise into the world of leading indicators for proactive and regenerative change whilst naturally stimulating an expansion of your inner and outer holistic awareness.

View the Live Session #3 Recording

Download the Session #3 Slides

Additional Session Materials: We encourage you to download the document How Healthy is Your Land?find an accountability buddy (or more than one), do the discovery tour outlined and discuss your findings with your accountability buddy.

Friday, April 17
7:45am - 8:45am PST

Live Session #4 

Hosted by: Paul Gossen
Topic: Eco Coaching Agility: Breakthrough Ecology Projects

Description: Around the world, thousands of small teams are working on breakthrough solutions to reduce climate change and enhance the Earth’s ecology. What could be more meaningful than using your Erickson Solution-Focused coaching skills to accelerate the results of a critical eco project team? Eco Coaching uses the power of the Lean Start-up mindset to set-up a team for breakthrough results. This Universal Agility model takes the power of team coaching to a new level and can be applied to many types of climate change and ecology projects.

Master the skills and mindset required to empower the teams that will give the most positive impact on the earth.

View the Live Session #4 Recording

Week 3

Monday, April 20
7:45am-8:45am PST

Live Session #5

Hosted by: Peter Stefanyi
Topic: New Thinking and Powerful Agreements Towards Sustainability in Complex World

Description: In this session, we will explore two main dimensions: structured problem solving and making agreements as basic dimensions for tackling complex issues of the present-day world. We will explore iterative cyclic processes as the key to unlocking progress in a complex world with minimal unintended consequences. 

View the Live Session #5 Recording

Download the Session #5 Slides

Friday, April 24
7:45am-8:45am PST

Live Session #6

Hosted by: Rosa Tkacova
Topic: The Interconnectedness Between the Ecosystems of a Human Body and the Earth 

Description: The aim of this session is to increase participants' awareness of the impact of climate change on human health. We shall explore the links between individuals’ health-promoting behavior to the environment. Participants will increase their understanding of how individuals’ health-promoting behavior connects to key ways that address climate emergency: ‘fossil fuels’, ‘food’, and ‘population growth’ and gain insight on how food and transportation choices promoting individual health, vitality and wellbeing parallel food choices that sustain the environment. We shall explore and practice utilizing this awareness in a coaching context.

View the Live Session #6 Recording

Download the Session #6 Slides