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Erickson Community Support During COVID-19 Outbreak

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 28/03/2020

With the introduction of social distancing and the need to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic by staying inside and canceling social gatherings, it's easy to feel lonelier than ever. Although we are required to partake in social distancing, this does not mean we need to be distant! We can't join together physically, but we can still connect virtually to emotionally and mentally support our families, friends and communities. This is an opportunity to get creative in our communication and strengthen those bonds that are so important to us. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Erickson global community has come together to prepare a special video message for you to stay safe and stay home during these difficult times. 

Erickson facilitator Rebecca Yang from central China shared this message about the many coaches assisting those on the frontlines in Wuhan, Hubei province: 

"A lot of Erickson China coaches have participated in the volunteer work to support the frontline in Wuhan. Some of them try to purchase medical supplies, a lot of coaches participate with free coaching sessions for people in isolation in Wuhan and Hubei, some coaches work for free to support companies to unite and endure the financial and business breakdown. And Song Ping has been working hard for many days from home in Wuhan to coordinate supplies to needed hospitals. Jacque Jiang, an Erickson Coach in Wuhan, drives the doctors and nurses back and forth from the hospital for over a month now with huge risk. And they both helped to send supplies to the doctors who are in Wuhan to support my hometown Anyang, including my good friend and friend’s sister. They are still there. I think this is a great opportunity for human beings to wake up and realize we are one. Coaches are powerful and loving people."

The Erickson team is joining together to support each other and coach others during this stressful time. We invite you to join our weekly online discussion to support Erickson coaches worldwide during the COVID-19 outbreak. Led by Erickson facilitators Rosa Tkacova, MD, PCC, and Paul Gossen, PCC, this webinar invites participants to share where they are with their personal and professional lives and discuss any challenges they are experiencing. (This webinar series has now ended)