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Erickson Coaching for Health

Erickson Coaching for Health

Offered as a 6-day course on-site or 6 weeks online (two sessions/week)

Erickson’s first course specifically oriented at health coach training meets current high demands to support people in creating healthy mind-body interactions that assist the prevention of chronic disorders, empower healing processes, and support building healthy habit systems. Research shows that integrating inner healing patterns into the everyday mind and body habits support physical and mental health and increase the inner perception of well-being. The course is built to provide you with skills that complement standard health-supporting approaches with the power of effective coaching conversations.

By taking Erickson Coaching for Health course, you will develop a solid foundation in the theory and practice of solution-focused coaching while both promoting health and supporting disease prevention. Fulfill your purpose to help others realize their potential to advance their mental and physical health. Discover how to develop your mastery in empowering those facing health challenges so that they can live to the fullest and take actions that align with their bigger vision. This course will empower you to assist people to move beyond their challenges, stress, or trauma. You will learn to support them in building resourcefulness and mastering healing processes, and sustain health-promoting behavior.


  • The Art & Science of Coaching Module I
  • The Science of Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Continuing Coaching Education Accreditation

This course is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a course supplying 42 Core Competencies training hours and 6 Resource Development hours, for a total of 48 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). Coaches already certified by the ICF (ACC, PCC, or MCC) may use 48 training hours towards the required CCE hours for renewal.

The course is a part of The Art & Science of Health Coaching program that leads you to apply for the following:

  • the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation level issued by the International Coach Federation (formally known as the ACC-ACSTH Path);
  • Erickson Solution-Focused Health Coach Qualification issued by Erickson International
  • Renewal of your certification with the ICF

Upcoming Program: January 6 - February 15, 2022 / Tuesdays & Thursdays / 9:00am - 12:15pm PDT / Online 

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Why Erickson Coaching for Health?

Health coaching has emerged as a powerful service market with a strong growth outlook worldwide. The rationale for its growth is provided by numerous research studies showing that health coaching is an effective strategy enhancing personal insight, advancing healing, and shaping desired health-promoting behavior in persons aiming to prevent and/or address a wide variety of health-related conditions.

By taking this course, you will acquire niche-specific coaching skills that will support your clients in advancing multiple levels of their own healing potential, building healthy habits, and sustaining health-promoting behavior. The Course contains multiple coaching approaches, tools, and processes that train the coach to engage in meaningful, solution-focused, and transformative conversations in various health and wellness-related areas:

  • Promoting physical and mental health
  • Preventing diseases and ill-health
  • Building health-promoting habit systems
  • Managing stress
  • Managing end-of-life care
  • Creating work-life balance; preventing burnout
  • Increasing compliance with advice provided by other healthcare professionals
  • Aligning personal health with the collective health and healthy environment.

The Course is based on the latest findings from medical science and neuroscience. 

Upcoming Dates

All on-site times are local.
All online times are in Pacific Time.

Erickson Coaching for Health
9:00am - 12:15pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays
January 6, 2022 to February 15, 2022
USD $777.50

Benefits of Erickson Coaching for Health for Coaches:

  • Deepen and expand your commitment to your coaching practice within the health coaching niche
  • Widen your coaching knowledge and skill set from the perspective of modern medical science, integrative healthcare, and the whole person's perspective
  • Learn and practice key coaching competencies that lead to transformational conversations supporting health and well-being
  • Develop skill sets and knowledge to build visionary thinking for health, healing, and well-being at times of health challenges
  • Learn to work with personal goals, emotions, and relationships in support of building a healing cycle and adhering to health-promoting behavior
  • Build coaching skills to support your client while making health-related decisions
  • Learn to assist your client with integrating their values for health, healing, and well-being, and with integrating core values with life purpose
  • Widen your coaching skills assisting your client to tune their inner dialogue for healing and well-being
  • Expand your skillset to assist your client in using imagery and mindfulness for health and well-being
  • Understand processes that support clients in the end-of-life care
  • Deepen coaching skills assisting managing stress
  • Develop skill sets and knowledge to support your client to modify their habits and build a healthy lifestyle
  • Build coaching skills to support your client in health-promoting behavior that serves their inner ecology and Planetary ecology
  • Learn tools and processes assisting healthcare professionals to prevent burnout

Benefits of Erickson Coaching for Health for Personal Development:

  • Foster self-care techniques to enhance your inner stability when working with a variety of emotional facets
  • Recognize and develop your key inner habits for generating a healing cycle for yourself
  • Gain inner resourcefulness in alleviating stress to support healing
  • Learn to increase your mental well-being with increased self-awareness and creativity, and build a positive future at times of challenges to physical health
  • Apply healing metaphors to the inner personal healing development journey
  • Foster shifting from reactive to reflective mindsets in support of healing
  • Gain inner resourcefulness in adhering to health-promoting behavior
  • Foster healing interpersonal communication during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and any other calamities
  • Create practices that support your health as a coach and be able to self-coach through challenges supporting you to be at your best
  • Integrate your inner ecology with holistic human development discoveries and demonstrate ecological thinking as a key area of your life

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum for Erickson Coaching for Health is divided into six levels:

Level 1: Promoting Health & Well-Being

You will learn about the role of health coaching in healthcare systems and about its place in helping professions outside healthcare. You will discover a helpful map called the 'logical levels of freedom', which supports and outlines a way of developing inner resourcefulness at times of health challenges, and will learn the impact of coaching-style communication in fostering health, healing, and well-being. This is further supported by expanding your insight into contemporary neuroscientific evidence that outlines the links between coaching communication and brain and mind functioning.

Level 2: Building a Healing Cycle

After exploring the impact of coaching-style communication on healing, you will find a way to connect to the ‘healing cycle’ paradigm to assist your clients to uncover a strong sense of well-being. You will learn to support your clients in discovering their motivation towards building their own inner healing cycle and moving beyond obstacles and fears. You will discover how searching for opportunities for wellness, acting on wellness, and connecting to others through wellness support the person’s life legacy and purpose. Also, you will learn to assist your clients to design their inner dialogue in support of health and healing.

Level 3: Expanding Health & Well-Being with Imagery & Mindfulness

This Level is designed to expand your creativity in using imagery and visualization towards initiating and maintaining healing processes in yourself and your clients. You will explore how mindfulness and mental imagery support physical health and well-being and will learn to use healing metaphors for personal health and empowerment. Finally, you will discover ways to expand joy and build balance at challenging times, and thus to move beyond difficulties with a sense of gratitude and inner peace.

Level 4: Deepening Core Values Health Coaching

In this Level, you will learn to support the client to align their core values, discover their life purpose, and move beyond inner obstacles that may impede them in moving forward to reaching their health & wellness-related goals. You will also learn to assist your clients in expanding their perception from various perspectives, thus fostering health & healing, communication, and social & emotional development.

Level 5: Building Thinking Flexibility for Individual & Collective Health

After exploring the impact of core values health coaching, you will establish a deep understanding of various thinking styles and will learn to utilize coaching questions involving the both, ‘inner’ and ‘global’ ecology perspective. You will also discover ways to assist your clients in expanding their thinking flexibility, thus assisting them in decision-making processes supporting their individual and also the collective and environmental health.

Level 6: Expanding Health Coaching Mastery

This Level is designed to expand your skills in applying coaching conversations to assist healthcare professionals in developing powerful inner metaphors and building life-work balance, thus preventing burnout. Finally, you will discover ways to support clients in building their commitment to learn and master a long-term skill set that is valuable for their health and wellness.