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Erickson Business Center

Erickson Business Center

  • Erickson Business Center provides Erickson coaching community with the resources to create outstanding success in your coaching business.

In order to build a successful coaching practice, you need both exceptional coaching skills, as well as business-building and development skills.

Succeed with Erickson Business Center and Thrive Academy

Erickson is the only ICF-accredited Coach Training Program that offers you ALL the basics to get your coaching practice up and running, free training resources to start building your coaching practice AND the option to enroll in additional business-building training at significant discounts, available only to the Erickson Alumni community. 

As a global leader in coach training and human development, our strength lies in helping you become an outstanding coach. We will always provide you with the skills, tools and resources to continually strengthen and deepen your coaching skills. We are thrilled to announce that the Erickson Business Center has teamed up with Thrive Academy to help our Erickson community build thriving, meaningful, and successful coaching businesses.

FREE Business Building Resources for Erickson Coaches and Students

In order to have a successful coaching business, it’s essential you know how to sell and grow your coaching practice.

Thrive Academy Co-founders, Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs, have taught over 50,000 Coaches and Holistic Practitioners how to attract their ideal clients and get paid well for the great work that they do. Thrive Academy members have earned over 100 Million Dollars collectively, which means they’re doing the work they love and contributing to the lives of others. We are excited for our Erickson coaching community to achieve the same outstanding outcomes. 

Get access to special Free Resources, created just for the Erickson community, and significant discounts to Thrive Academy Programs.

Prefer to learn live and in-person?  
Claim your Full Scholarship to the Client Attraction Summit ($1,497USD value)

Thrive Academy offers additional on-site, live event programs in the US to support you to attract all the clients you want, offer group coaching programs and become a six-figure speaker. You will learn more about these programs during the Client Attraction Summit, although there is no pressure to buy. If you prefer to enroll directly into these programs, contact your Erickson Enrolment Advisor for more information on how you can get exclusive Erickson discounts on tuition.

Prefer to learn at home?
Thrive offers exclusive discounts for Erickson Coaches and Students, on their Client Attraction Mastery Online Program.

Thrive Academy is Offering You 4 FREE Business Building Resources

Free Business Building Resource #1: “The Art of Attracting Clients” 3-part Audio Training Series

Part 1 - How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Most Coaches Make When Answering the Question, “What do you do?”

Part 2 - The 8 Keys to Attract Clients without Struggle 

Part 3 - How to Transform “I can’t afford it” into a Fully Aligned Yes

Click here to get this free training.

Free Business Building Resource #2: “5 Keys to Attract Clients without Struggle” Video Series

If you’re looking to attract more clients and want a taste of what Thrive Academy is offering for Erickson Coaches and Students, watch the “5 Keys to Attract Clients without Struggle”  video series. These short, entertaining and valuable videos will give you immediate support to attract more coaching clients.

Get the videos here.

Free Business Building Resource #3: Online Training Program “Get More Referrals, Get More Coaching Clients”

Includes 3 downloadable gifts and training videos and a live webinar to help you build your coaching practice. You’ll get access to:

1. Thrive Academy’s “Hit Send→ Get Referrals” Ready-to-Use Email Templates
2. The Free Consultation Formula to Get More Clients
3. The Client Attraction Mastery Blueprint
4. “How to Get Tons more Referrals” Video Training

Get this free program here.

Free Erickson Business Building Resource #4: “The Art of Attracting Clients” book

Erickson is delighted to offer you a very special, exclusive gift - The Art of Attracting Clients book by Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs of Thrive Academy.

This valuable guide offers you new ways to attract clients using your existing coaching skills. We believe that the Heartselling™ System taught in this book will align with your own values of creating deeper transformation for people.

Learn More About Erickson Business Center and Thrive Academy by downloading the brochure below. 

Click here to download the Erickson Business Center brochure and learn more. We also invite you to join our business-building community of coaches on Facebook.