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The Art and Science of Coaching™

The Art & Science of Coaching

Welcome to our Enhanced THE ART & SCIENCE OF COACHING™ Program. With a time-tested core curriculum and ICF Accreditation (ACTP), this program has both certified and transformed over 45,000 people across the globe!

Whether you are an individual looking to become a professional life or business coach, or you are a leader in an organization looking to advance your skills, the curriculum equips you with the most comprehensive Solution-Focused mindset, coaching skills, tools, and coaching competence you can dream of.

The Coach You Will Become When Training With Erickson Coaching International:

  • One who uses powerful questions to deepen understanding
  • An insightful coach noticing meta-cognitive processes and language to connect and catalyze others
  • A leader in business and relationships able to ignite deep human values into inspired, action-based commitments
  • A self-reflective individual with a powerful inderstanding of how to work with yourself, making an impact in your own domain
  • An equipped coach with multiple tools based on neuroscientific principles to help create pathways for change 

Depending on your goals, application and intentions for coaching choose one of the following two program paths:

The Art & Science of Coaching: Program Curriculum & Benefits

Solution-Focused Essentials Course

Dive into the definition of what coaching is, and what it is not! Learn the basics of stepping into an effective non-judgemental position and be able to conduct a structured coaching session confidently. Get introduced to the ICF Core Competencies and the Ericksonian Principles that lie at the heart of our coaching style. Learn the essential coaching tools, frameworks and exercises. The themes of this course are ‘inspiration’ and ‘implementation’.

Upon completion of this course of The Art & Science of Coaching, you will be able to:

  • Facilitate a full Solution-Focused coaching session from beginning to end
  • Establish  trust and safety to create effective coaching session outcomes
  • Use powerful questioning techniques to assist clients achieve awareness and effective action plans
  • Inspire effective communication with neuroscientific approaches and objective coach position
  • Use effective methods to assist clients to prioritize and maintain the discipline to achieve their goals
  • Utilize visualization techniques for higher brain functioning, self-awareness and recognition of developing competencies
  • Help clients access their deeper knowledge and find solutions with proven coaching exercises

And as an added bonus you will be able to:

  • Develop a positive self-image

  • Use processes to support the coachee in developing mastery of a desired skill-set over the long-term

Solution-Focused Advanced Applications Course

Up your coaching game by being able to go beyond the surface level, hold space for the coachee, using their metaphors and being direct without being directive. Recognize inner objections, beliefs, values and habit systems and coach someone through time, transitions and obstacles. The themes of this course are ‘integration’ and ‘completion & success’.

Upon completion of this course of The Art & Science of Coaching™, you will be able to:

  • Ask powerful questions to discover and develop key values and intrinsic motivators during a coaching session
  • Utilize effective language to inspire clients to reach beyond self-limiting beliefs, while developing emotional balance to achieve resourceful states
  • Design an actionable plan for successful achievement of desired coaching outcomes
  • Apply proven coaching tools to assist clients to overcome productivity challenges and improve accountability towards action plan and progress
  • Identify and distinguish levels of coaching proficiency -  beginner, intermediate, and advanced
  • Create relevant questions in response to metaphors during the coaching session
  • Respond authentically and spontaneously to the coachee, through powerful questioning, using language that has the greatest impact
  • Establish and maintain a safe environment that promotes powerful self-discovery throughout coaching sessions

Included in your Coach Training program is a Mentoring component: Discover Mentor Bundles now.