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Employment Opportunity for Erickson Coaches!

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 14/03/2019

Another great employment opportunity for Erickson Coaches shared by our graduate Kalyna Miletic!

Calling ALL Career Coaches! Our goal at Kickstart Your Work is to help people build and discover the career of their dreams.

We're looking for the best and brightest from the coaching world to join us in helping many build the careers they want to have. We're launching in the next quarter with a select group of coaches and offerings. 

What Kickstart's Looking For:

  1. A Great Online Presence
    Our individual clients and employers will want to get to know their coach before booking, so having a great headshot and bio will really make you stand out. 
  2. Highly Relevant Experience
    We’re looking for: sales coaches, career coaches, leadership coaches, executive coaches, interview/negotiating/resume consultants (this is more tactical and per hour so if you’d like to provide this sort of help let us know). We’d like PCC level coaches with the ICF.
  3. A Kickstart Way of Contributing
    Not every career site or career coach is the same. We value openness, innovation, growth mindset and team players! We’re hoping to build a family of coaches that can share strategies and help Kickstart to grow. We want your expert opinions to be shared and implemented so we can build Kickstart into the go-to for career coaching together!

To apply and join us in the mission to feel good work, please send us:

  1. Your resume and link to your personal site/pages/social channels  
  2. A recording of a coaching session (that your client has given you permission to share) so we can get a sense of your coaching style [30-minute session]. Please make the session relevant to the type of coaching you’d like to do with us. i.e. if you’d like to do sales coaching, please send us a session of you coaching someone in sales.
  3. Any info you’d like us to know and how we might best contact you to set up a call.
  4. Your hourly rate (you can add this info directly into the email).

Please send your application to