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Dreamwork & Advanced Metaphors

Dreamwork & Advanced Metaphors

Dreamwork & Advanced Metaphors

Offered as an 8 week course online

We live metaphoric lives!

A profound addition to any coach’s toolkit, Dreamwork & Advanced Metaphors allows you to assist people to explore and expand their capacity to imagine their life metaphors.

You will develop a keen ear to the ongoing stories, internal messages, and belief structures that people use to limit their lives.

Skillfully assist both your self and your clients’ to build a strong boat for riding forward on the stream of consciousness

What will you learn in this program?

First, you will develop new ‘ears’ for listening to your clients’ assumptions and stories. You will utilize strong responsive methodologies for integrating their visions and inner movies with choices and changes as they progress toward their larger dreams.

Second, you will learn to build your own powerful metaphors, to speak to any audience. You will discover how to use vibrant metaphoric processes and exciting Ericksonian techniques. You will learn how to metaphorically create a compelling vision, a story that inspires the best in people. Examining and expanding the deeper meanings, emotional truths, behavioral choices, and desired principles of action are core outcomes.

Third, you will discover how to work with dream metaphors, the stew of our deeper awareness. Using “dream tools” you will become able to work with your own inner teacher. In doing so, you will acquire metaphor development skills to ‘alter the dream’ in profound and fundamentally useful ways.

The course includes:

  • Specific procedures for quickly understanding the unconscious message system and meaning of any particular dream you may want to explore. Build your skill to actively create metaphors.
  • Techniques for changing inner vision and emotional thought as “forms of consciousness”. You will learn how to apply these techniques to enhance creativity in daily life.

Upcoming Online Program: January 5, 2022 - February 23, 2022

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