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Developing a Leadership and Entrepreneurship Mindset with Marilyn Atkinson

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 19/03/2020

In this podcast episode, business coach Dana Regev hosts an interview Marilyn Atkinson to discuss ways to develop leadership and entrepreneurship mindset. Marilyn explores what inspires leaders to lead, essential leadership tools needed to be an effective leader, and the core qualities of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Marilyn furthr distinguishes the differences between leadership and an entrepreneurship mindset and shares how to find the middle ground between the two.

Discover how to move towards that mindset to step out of comfort zones and take risks as a leader, entrepreneur, or manager. If you are interested in learning ways to grow and foster leadership skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, this conversation is for you.

"We look beyond the challenge, and if we solve that, everything falls into place, by asking questions that take us to our purpose and the bigger picture." Marilyn Atkinson

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