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Deep Coaching (formerly Advance of the Spirit)

Deep Coaching (formerly Advance of the Spirit)

Experience Levels of Consciousness For Your Integral Transformation

Offered as a 4-day course on-site

During the four days of this course, you will explore and experience different degrees of human consciousness and self-discovery. The pathways that emerge will allow you to integrate your understanding of transformation on a deep level. It seeks to answer fundamental questions regarding our nature, who we are and the interplay between our individual function and unlimited awareness and essential self. This is achieved by learning and practicing powerful and value-based coaching methods that widen your capacity for awareness without constriction.

This unique course is based on overarching frameworks of spiritual development, taken from decades of personal growth activities and practices. Its underlying approach is based on varying spiritual paths, including Sufi and Buddhist teachings, contributing a diverse breadth of insight into what can keep us spiritually focused, and learning how to impart that deepening knowledge to others. It is an ‘Integral Transformation’ course because we will find our integrity by stretching all the four dimensions of integral awareness.

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Who this is program for?

This program is for people with a background and expertise in coaching, people wanting to develop a niche in spiritual coaching, and/or NLP practitioners, mindfulness practitioners or facilitators, and/or yoga teachers. The prerequisite for Deep Coaching is Module I of The Art and Science of Coaching.

Continuing Coaching Education Accreditation

This course is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 25 Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) units (12 Core Competencies, 13 Resource Development).

Upcoming Dates

All on-site times are local.
All online times are in Pacific Time.

Deep Coaching (formerly Advance of the Spirit)
Online, China
February 25, 2022 to April 15, 2022
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Deep Coaching (formerly Advance of the Spirit)
9:00am - 12:15pm
October 6, 2022 to November 24, 2022
USD $1,260.00

Benefits of Deep Coaching for Coaches:

  • Deepen and expand your commitment to your coaching practice and clients
  • Widen your coaching knowledge and skillset from a spiritual perspective
  • Recognize a larger flow of intelligence operating in your coaching sessions, holding both the coach and coachee in a larger field of consciousness
  • Trust in a deeper knowledge supporting the coachee’s journey and open pathways for their spiritual development
  • Specialize in building a spiritually-based coaching practice
  • Discover how the integral Deep Coaching approach keeps you in continuous creative renewal in your work with coachee’s
  • Hold different emotional states while developing the flexibility to access an unconditional ‘coaching space’ for your coachee

Benefits of Deep Coaching for personal development:

  • Learn about the Deep Coaching approach to inner growth
  • Ability to explain what spiritual coaching is versus other forms of coaching
  • Think about inner growth from a scientific perspective
  • Align yourself (and others) to the inner, personal development journey
  • Move past personal intimacy issues into deeper connections
  • Resolve personal conflicts with others
  • Develop higher-level thinking through a coaching vision
  • Apply alignment metaphors to the inner personal development journey
  • Demonstrate “WE” thinking as a key area for human development and key distinctions within it

Program Curriculum

Deep Coaching is divided into four levels:

Level 1: The Coach Position Stretch

One place where people can actively make powerful gains with inner awareness is in developing an effective coach position with both clients and their own inner “mind theater.” We assist participants in developing this high-level coach position, so they, as the coach can become flexible while supporting their clients. This is achieved by learning meditation practices, among others one that is called ‘Building an Inner Observer’.

Level 2: The Perceptual Position Stretch

In this level, we assist participants to create a strong ability to step into different points of view. Often people don’t even know that they are locked into certain perceptions, and so we support participants to become flexible with these inner awarenesses. This will allow for a wider ‘possibilities’ way of thinking that opens up new paths and choices.

Level 3: The Relationship Stretch

This area allows for the participant to expand their level of relationship awareness. People sometimes dissociate from their own spiritual advance because of relationship fears. When we develop spiritually, we notice how people are essentially whole and also similar to us in their desire to grow further. We help participants notice the ‘shared bonds’ that we all have. This allows the coach to respond to each person/client, based on the awareness of the person/client’s unique gifts. The coach can become the person/client’s vision holder of their personal development. 

Level 4: The Time Stretch

In the fourth level, we assist participants to move beyond, integrate and transform their “time fears.” We learn how to actually expand into the experience of “all humanity through time” - stretching the awareness out to a time frame that includes thousands of years of humanity’s advance, an awareness which includes this moment and all moments in an integrated way. Once people have discovered these distinctions they can create a much more comprehensive map of inner wholeness. 

It allows the coach to explore different qualities of consciousness with the client and develop a wide field of awareness, that is still very much the person/client’s own passionate journey.

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